Tiger wire? Thoughts? Opinions?

Trying out some tiger wire in my baby beast tonite. Anyone else ever try this stuff? It’s 26 GA+0.2*0.8. Only $5 or so for 15 feet at Fasstec. Interesting. Very decent flavor.

Is it ribbon wire that’s been claptoned around round? Twisted ribbon with round? Some of the pictures I’ve just looked at doesn’t make it too clear…That or I really need to schedule an eye appointment.

Thats it! Nothing too fancy really. I guess the ribbon holds a little more juice and heats up faster. At about 50 watts, almost seems like one quick pull gives one flavor and a second pull gives a different, deeper flavor as the entire coil heats up. Huh. Kinda interesting.

it’s just ribbon with plain kanthal 26Ka1…
the whole idea behind it is a ribbon wire that heats up fast and 26gauge wire taking more space over the wick for higher vapor produce… while flavor is good :slight_smile:

though Alien Wire and Fused Claptons otherwise than the warm vapor… are considered as the best wires for flavors… you might want to try them sometime…