Tiki roar (FA)

Anyone know if tiki roar from flavor west is bad for you? Someone left me a comment on a recipe I made saying it will kill you. Any idea? Thx

I looked it up for you at the flavour list and this is what it says;
Contains a form of sugar. Sugar can caramelize and even burn at low temps, and produce toxins and suspected carcinogens.
Source: http://juic.org/flavors/concerning-flavors/


Ok thanks. That’s good to know, I only used like 0.20.

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Let’s not go overboard yet. It is important to keep the juice as safe as possible and I plan to avoid diacetyl and now sugars. But I would almost bet that philip morse has been purposely adding sugars into their secret recipe in much larger quantities than what I would use in my e juice. What flavorings have sugar? the ones listed on http://juic.org/flavors/concerning-flavors/ are these:

Corn Syrup:

TFA Caramel Original
TFA DX Caramel Original
TFA Graham Cracker (not clear)

Sugar Syrup (CAS 57-48-7):

FW Acai Berry (20-30%)
FW Banana Nut Bread (1-10%)
FW Banana Split (1-10%)
FW Bananas Foster (15-25%)
FW Biscotti (20-30%)
FW Blackberry Mojito (15-25%)
FW Boom (10-20%)
FW Cinnamon Churro (20-30%)
FW Cloud 9 (10-20%)
FW Coffee (25-35%)
FW Coffee Cream (25-35%)
FW Dragon Fruit (25-35%)
FW Fruity Flakes (10-20%)
FW Goji Berry (20-30%)
FW Green Apple Natural (15-25%)
FW Gummy Bear (20-30%)
FW Hawaiian Limeade (5-10%)
FW Jack Fruit (20-30%)
FW Key Lime Natural (10-20%)
FW Kiwi Natural (20-30%)
FW Lemon Meringue Pie (10-20%)
FW Macadamia Nut (5-15%)
FW Madagascar Vanilla (10-20%)
FW Merlot (15-25%)
FW Mojito (15-25%)
FW Moose Milk (10-20%)
FW Pomberry (10-20%)
FW Pomegranate (10-20%)
FW Prickly Pear (10-20%)
FW Rainbow Lined Gum (15-25%)
FW Rainbow Sherbet (10-20%)
FW Raspberry Natural (1-10%)
FW Red White Blue (20-30%)
FW Rocky Road (25-35%)
FW Star Fruit (20-30%)
FW Sweet Tarts (20-30%)
FW Tiki Roar (10-20%)
FW Tres Leches (10-20%)
FW Tropical Punch (20-30%)
FW Watermelon Natural (10-20%)
FW Yumberry (10-20%)

Fructose (Fruit Sugar, CAS 57-48-7):

FW Cake Batter Dip (10-15%)
FW Coconut Cream Pie (15-25%)
FW Ginger Ale (20-30%)
FW Strawberry Shortcake (10-20%)
FW Yellow Cake (20-30%)

Molasses (CAS 8052-35-5)

FW Dutch Apple Pie (1-5%)

Sucralose (Splenda, CAS 56038-13-2)

FW Grape Soda (30-40%)

This looks to me like a partial list, and seems to be targeting mostly FW. I think they should be treated somewhat like diacetyl containing flavors and used in moderation. Some of the other flavors listed contain salt and peanuts.


How do we know that these flavors above contain these sugars? Source? Testing done? This concerns me as i assumed all flavor concentrates i was purchasing were sugar free and artificial sweetener free. Has anyone contacted Flavor west regarding this issue?

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I was just showing that list the link is above. I looked at the flavors on TFA and FW for these flavors:
TFA Caramel Original
FW Acai Berry (20-30%)
I saw nothing in the SDS or the Components listed indicating Corn Syrup for the TFA Caramel Original, Then I saw nothing at Flavor West in the Ingredients listed that indicated Acai Berry contained Sugar.
here is some links you can surf:

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Interesting this was mentioned on another thread concerning TFA caramel original and i just now clicked the link to TFA fact sheet and ingredients are as follows:
Natural and Artificial Flavors, PG, water… No memtion of corn syrup. Have the modified the flavor? Or changed the facts sheet?

That is what i mentioned above

We will now wait a year to see if we are stuck in a time loop… No really I am concerned in seeing how much Vegetable glycerine (VG) you humans consume. They put it in all the food you eat, hidden with names like “Palm Oil”. etc., we know you are not supposed to drink the juice right? safe to vape do not drink. But we should look at the processed foods ingredients and say NO to toxic food additives!

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An update on dx and regular caramel original: