Time of day for taste testing DIY juices?

Has anyone else come to realize that taste testing your DIY mixes does not need to be at the end of the day? I want to be productive and have something to do after I get home from the day, but I have realized it is not the time to taste test! Mixing up new batches is fine. Taste testing not so much. If vaper tongue is a real thing, I have it late at night when I get home. What DIY mix tastes like crap at midnight, tastes totally vapable at 11am the next day! I’ve learned to not trash a mix at midnight.


A little trick I learned in culinary school was to eat a saltine Cracker before tasting. It cleanses the palate and allows you to taste the full flavor of whatever your testing. I use this same method in testing my juices.


I eat sixteen saltine crackers then I lick my fingers

:smiley: Or smell freshly ground coffee!


Peanut butter works for me???

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