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Tinfoil Hat Time folks

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You know, what’s really interesting was a new anchor on a local News network which people always hated growing up, can’t remember his name. Anyways, piece he did on the cure for cancer that was found and that pharma wouldn’t fund it because it couldn’t be patented and that scientists doing the studies were told to stop research or lose their grants, really made the gears turn when I was in my early 20s. The older fellows at work would discredit him, didn’t like his opinions or whatever but I’m pretty open minded, paranoid and rightfully so… When youtube came out however many years ago, for years you could search this piece for cure for cancer and the video isn’t on the site anymore… Youtube has a lot of videos, absolutely the most retarded shit can be found on youtube… But what this engineer that worked for google says in the doc is that google and youtube control what you search for.