Tiny review of some Vapeboy juices

This is not really a review, but I have some comments on a couple of @vapeboy juices! Remember that taste is subjective, and just because I like something or dislike something, you should really try it for yourself!

Tropical Disaster
Very bright, acidic taste - dominant pineapple. I’ve vaped 10ml of it, and while I don’t think it’s bad, it’s not a perfect fit for my palette. I know a lot of people who really love this one, so I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t care much for it.

Satoshi Nakamoto
A tribute to the creator of bitcoins I suppose? :slight_smile: The notes say cinamonny apple pie - That’s not exactly what I get, but I like it. Or I should say, it grew on me, so much that I was sad when I ran out! A very interesting flavor!

Very, Very Berry
I know that vapeboy himself don’t care for this flavor, but I really like it! It’s simple and it’s flavorful and good. I didn’t read the description of it, but I expected something like a forest fruit tea - and that’s exactly what it tastes like, though the teas are usually not very sweet. This is …very very berry and sweet and nice!

I have a whole bunch of vapeboy juices left to try, and some of them smell VERY good, so I kinda look forward to trying them! Give them a go! His shop is at vapeboy.com - you can use the code ELR15 for 15% off juices!