Tiny tip if you're building a clone

I am currently building a clone. I didn’t have any more of the original, but there were a few drops left - Taste a drop on your finger. Really think about what you’re tasting. Then taste your clone and compare - It is very useful! I was immediately able to adjust my recipe a bit - I’ll have to wait to try it, but I think it’s a lot closer now!


What’cha cloning?

It’s a UK liquid from vapeboy called “Juicy Terror” - it’s mainly lemon and pie crust - I love his version! I really want to duplicate it as closely as I can. I might have to buy a few more bottles from him though :smiley:

Be careful, I’m on my 12th 100ml bottle of Bobas Bounty trying to do the same thing.


heheh yeah I know what you mean! I’m not necessarily after a 1:1 clone - but I want a recipe that I like as much as his original!


Lol, im on my 5th version of a clone from a local shop, prettyclose this time:) not easy cause the original is so smooth!

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I’m kinda on the same wavelength as @daath about clones; 1:1 clones, I’ll probably never make make one. However, I could creep into whatever lab, with my ninja capabilities and plant tiny surveillance devices in the a/c duct work…nah, too risky. But, that’s probably what I’d have to do to create an exact clone.

I get as close as I can without being too critical of my own work and call it a day. Yes, I’ve been trying to clone one particular juice for a long time now; close, but not there yet cause I can’t seem to get the throat “bite” that I love with that juice. I’ve tried every clone recipe I’ve seen in print and worked with my own recipes. Meh, that’s the way it goes, unless you personally know the juice creator.

I actually did something very similar when I made my flawless clone of dr crimmys pebbles. I kept tasting and wafting the remaining droplets of liquid, it is a useful tip and csn yield a dead on clone. Glad to see some knowledge being spread :slight_smile: