Tiny update

Hey everyone!

I know I have been sort of an absentee landlord recently - so much work, and family activity! Also a bit of recharging of the old batteries :slight_smile:

I made a very small update on the site, that some of you might have noticed already. It has been requested that you can spot which flavors in the flavor drop down (when you add flavors to a recipe for example) are in your stash. Well, now the auto completer now colors the flavors you have in your stash green :slight_smile: …Tadaa! :laughing:

I hope you’ll find it useful!


woot go daath xD


Thank you good sir!

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That’s great! Thank you for all you do. We really appreciate the work you do to make this site better and better.

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That rocks!! Thanks! :smiley:

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Interesting addition… nice going

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Super nice!

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…very cool! :grinning: and much appreciated!


Always doing something for us Thanks Lars :+1:


As always thanks for even starting this site. Thanks to everyone who makes this place great. And even more thanks for taking the time to always improve something that imo is already perfect…I can’t really ask for more…

Well maybe a grammar check feature. Lol for my dumbass typing on a cell phone.

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Thanks for the update. Greatly appreciated.

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LOL that’s great Chris! What about a content filter that warns me when my dumbass is about to post something that pisses people off! :laughing:


Awesome addition! :slight_smile:

You rock!! Thanks Lars. :slight_smile:

Good job @daath!

Missed ya buddy! Thanks for the update!

Thanks and is very nice addition

Can I have my in red polka dots?

No no no… Black and white strips?

Nah…that wouldn’t work…

Teeny tiny purple X’s? or wait…

Platinum swirl? ohhhhhh, maybe just platinum?

On second thought, that could be hard to see…

Hmmmm… How about…wait for it… rainbow!?! Err…well… that could send the wrong message…

Green. Green is fine.

Thanks Lars! If my ass ever gets around to posting again, I’m looking forward to an all green drop down menu lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I noticed that and I love it! Thanks!

This is awsome @daath! Thanks for the small upgrade, they go a long way!