Tips and Tricks

There are things that vapers do to enhance their mixes and vape experience. I’m just trying to pick your brains to see what you do to make a better juice/vape.

Example #1: Mix Sweet Strawberry (Cap) w/ Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) for a well rounded Strawberry.

Example #2: I soak my entire spool of Ti wire in a dish detergent and water mixture for a couple days, then rinse and dry to rid it of that new Ti wire residue. Ti wire is noncorrosive so it won’t rust during this process and you wire will be clean and ready when you need it.

  1. I like mixing Graham Cracker TPA 2% and Coconut Candy TPA 1% for a graham cereal taste. It adds a nice throat scratch to tobacco recipes.

  2. If I make a perfect flavor combo I make it a flavor base to use as 1 ingredient in recipes with other flavors.


I use the brown commercial paper towels on all my vape gear…I call them vaper-towels…they leave no lint or dust


This may sound strang or stupid, but I will often pull some flavors that I want to see how they may work together in a mix and smell them at the same time. So I’ll place a drop of one flavor on a paper towel then another drop of a different flavor next to it. I’ll smell them “together” and if I think it’s something that may work, I’ll put a drop of each in one spot so they mix. If I can’t detect one over the other or think that one should be stronger than the other I’ll add another drop of the weak flavor, then another if necessary. No more than 3 to 1. Then I’ll take that ratio and use as a starting point in my mix. For example, if I use the sniff test on green apple and pear, and the sweet spot comes out to 2 drops pear and one drop green apple, then in my initial mix it will be reflected say 4% pear, 2% green apple, or whatever the max starting percentage is for the higher% flavor. Doesn’t always work but it usually gives me a great place to start.


What ratios would be a good starting point?


If I’m not mistaken it’s a @Ken_O_Where trick. Seems I remember 3 to 2 Strawberry (Ripe) to Sweet Strawberry Cap. Others has used this also, so maybe they can chime in.

Here is the base I use which I like very much.

58.27% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
38.83% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
Wild Strawberry (INAWERA) 2 drops per 15 mils


I was thinking 2:2 but I know Ripe is popular and very tasty.


That will certainly work :wink:


I’m thinking Ken did 4% Sweet Strawberry and 3% Ripe. I took the suggestion and that’s what I’ve got for most of my recipes that have strawberry.


Thanks @JoJo!


3 part Almond FA and 1 part Nut Mix FA makes for a perfect Almond… IMO too… an HIC tipmy ratio.

3 part FW Cake Yellow and 1 part FA Cookie make a more realistic cake flavor… an HIC tipmy ratio.

FA Cookie and Graham TPA help make a better Graham Crust.

A little FW Cake Yellow with creams make them creamier.

Dulce de leche gives extra body to desserts, creams and custard mixes. @Amy2 gave me this tip.

Posted by Lynn Tomkiewicz on 12th Feb 2015
I used Tres Leches (FW) at 2% with 8% custard. I got a creamy, buttery, caramel taste.

HIC tip 2 parts Vienna Cream with 1 part Fresh Cream makes a good start on ice cream flavors.


Lemon for sour notes. Lime for bitter/sweet notes added to my fruit mixes.

Marshmallow ,FA Meringue, FA Fuji apple = better mouth feel ( not necessarily all at once just those flavors added to your recipes have been proven to increase the mouth feel of a juice)


This is the most versatile flavor in my stash. A definate TDF flavor!!!

HIC Tasting Notes

FA Cookie: 3%. Very useful and versatile flavoring!

This cookie flavoring has no ‘custard notes’ ingredients, which sets it apart from others. This is not a snickerdoodle - it’s a very neutral, mildly sweet cookie base. There are no spices, no vanilla, no other flavors to interfere with your additions. It can be used standalone (some like it that way), as a cookie base, or to add bakery effects to recipes.

FA Cookie adds rich, warm, mildly sweet, baked flavor. If you’re making a cookie recipe with bold flavors, start with 1.5 - 2% Cookie or less. If you’ll be adding more delicate flavors, start with 1-1.5% Cookie.

Cookie is perfect for biscotti flavors. Add Anise, Almond, and perhaps a little Marzipan for a very traditional, crunchy Italian cookie flavor. Or add your favorite nut and favorite fruit flavor for biscotti variations (Cherry-Almond, Orange-Nut Mix, Lemon-Almond, etc.). Or add two widely-contrasting flavors, like Coconut-Bilberry. Including a hint of Anise in biscotti always adds an authentic Italian touch.

For smooth, sweet, rich cookies, begin with 1-1.5% Cookie and 0.5% Vienna Cream, then add your flavors.

For an even sweeter start, also include a little Butterscotch - even <0.25% will sweeten enough to stand up to the boldest flavor additions (like Espresso, Hazelnut, Brandy, or strong spices).

For extra “egginess” in cookies, use Vienna Cream and FA Custard.

To add buttery flavor to cookie recipes, try adding 0.25 - 0.5% FA Walnut. It gives an effect like adding extra butter or oil to real cookies. FA’s Walnut flavor is very mild, often unnoticed at this amount.

For light, sweet cookies, try Cookie with Meringue (around 1.5% Cookie with up to 1% Meringue - then add your other flavors). This is great with your favorite fruit flavors, especially dark berries and distinctive or strongly-flavored fruits.

For light, sweet, creamier cookies, use Cookie with Meringue and a little Fresh Cream (around 1.5% Cookie, .75% Meringue, .25% Fresh Cream - then add your fruits). This is excellent for citrus, Fresh Fig, and other delicate flavors - and it’s a smoother alternative to Cookie + Meringue for your favorite dark berries and bold fruit flavors, too.

For cookies that need extra eggs, use a little FA Custard along with Vienna Cream.

TFA Brown Sugar Extra (0.5% or less) adds a ‘browned edges’ effect to FA Cookie.

To add a light pie-crust flavor in a recipe, try adding a ratio of 2:1 Apple Pie:Cookie. The apple flavor from Apple Pie is easily covered with bolder flavors, and the rich crust it adds is made lighter, flakier, “fluffier” with the addition of Cookie. In a cobbler or fruit pie recipe, 0.5% Apple Pie with 0.25% Cookie, or up to 1% Apple Pie with 0.5% cookie will give you this tasty crust flavor. The lighter your other flavors, the less Apple Pie and Cookie you should use.


I just discovered this with Flavorah Lime. Before I only had Key Lime TFA and I hated it.


FLV Lime kicks butt ! Its the perfect blend of sweet/ bitter ! FA lime distilled is for when u want a back note of a soft lime accent, Lime cold pressed on the other hand upfront in your face lime but I think I could of easily went right to FLV lime if I’d had it to begin w/ and woulda never missed that one


I just got it last week. I have it steeping in a couple WIPs now.


It’s mild and friendly I like it. I have to dilute the cold press it does not play well w/ others :wink: it hogs all the flavors.


When you’re not vaping… Lock your mod. Satety tip #1


Safety Tip #2

Tell your wife that it is your mod in your pocket, and you’re not necessarily glad to see her. Otherwise she may grab a hold of it and hit the fire button. Things might get hotter than she thought…lol

Sorry, couldn’t resist…


And bigger too!!!