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I wanted to put this out if others vape multiple tanks with different juices in them all the time like I do. At any one time I have 3 different tanks and mods running and being a person that likes variety I will normally have 6 - 10 bottles of juice I’m switching around. Having a variety like that it is easy to loose track on what is in what tank especially over a period of a day or two. You look at the tank and the bottles and think… what was in that…?
So there are 2 different things I wanted to toss out here, first to recall what is in what tank (or what juice I am using in what tank), I purchased some small colored rubber bands from Wally world (in the hobby area).

I simply place a colored band around the tank and the same colored band around the juice bottle that I’m using in it…

Nothing overly obtrusive and it helps to keep what is in what, or if I just wonder what I’m vaping (cause I’m old and forget).

Another thing I have found that is kinda dumb… but works, is you ever get those bottles that have the safety type plastic band on them that when you unscrew the top for the first time your left with that little plastic ring? You know… one of these things that you normally just toss in the trash:

Well one day I removed one of my tanks and I had no place to set it down. I hate just laying them on the side and if you stand it up on the 510 connecting pin then it’s a balancing act or if you tap the table it might fall over. I saw one of those plastic rings and just placed the tank on top of it… boom… a nice little stand! I now save up a few of these and if I ever take a tank off a mod, just set it on top of one of these pieces of plastic.


That’s a GREAT idea! I’m always ‘balancing’ my tank or rda on the desk. Thanks. Just dug one of those rings outta my trashcan. lol


I found a 3D vaping funnel, fits 30ml bottles perfectly. Our Library has a 3D printer, so I printed up 2, paid my $1, and never been happier.

Stops atty swirls also. Pringles lids are softer.

Same thing. I steal my daughter’s Rainbow loom bands for this. Makes it easier to reuse all bottles. No label gunk to remove.


Just an old thread that could use some new updates. You got anything new to add?


ya i agree completely , i started to do 10ml then 15ml and by the time werks rolled around i didnt have enough , i also test 4 to 5 times in that month 30ml seems to be the best imo the savings isnt much and i dont test with nicotine so thats not an issue if its a reason for others


when building recipes with multiple fruits i first mix with the fruits only so i can taste those fruits combined by themselves before adding creams , bakery flaves etc , ive found some enjoyable fruit combos this way , then after i decide the fruits work well 2gether ill mix in the other supporting flavors ( in a separate mix )


Kick the tires and light the fires, what new tips and tricks you got?

Something I learned in my tenure, there is a one-shot recipe called Milkstone by user @et3rn1ty that was based off of a star wars reference that users vape-wide started bouncing into that it was a vape reference, (Milkstone was a type of mineral that was used in the construction of luxury accommodations. It was presumably named for its milky texture and color.)

So through its vape use, it was considered because of the flavor base concentrate (effectively a one-shot in nature), folks started turning their one-shots into “cake-stones”, “fruit-stones”, “cream-stones”,


This thread is awesome. Didn’t come across it yet, so thx @DarkJester89 for the bump and @Pro_Vapes for starting it. :+1:


I was blown away by a seemingly simple, yet elegant milk chocolate stone/base created by @Pro_Vapes. No matter HOW many MC solutions I try, his leaves all others wanting. It’s always simple, after you see how someone else did it hehe.