Tips for Jelly flavors?

Hello! Im trying to make a classic PB&J flavor and i was wondering what your favorite add ins for jelly/jams are? Im using Peanut Butter, Ripe Strawberry and Biscuit. I feel like it needs something else to make that sweet strawberry flavor pop… any advice?

After I posted this I had a thought on butter cream! Maybe this will be it.

i know there are pb&j mixes out there but peps usually use SB ripe w/ sweet SB to get the full taste of SB

Flavorah’s strawberry is very Jam like, I suggest buying that if you can

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Cap Sweet Strawberry.

In my opinion Biscuit is not going to work for the bread. It is more of a coockie type of biscuit. I am working on a PB&J and having good early results with Real Flavors SC Baked Bread.

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Thank you! I will try this!

@Joel5 Thank you! I have about every other Strawberry but this one. I will try that out!

@louiesquared I guess my thought process was to get that kind of baked taste in there and maybe add some acetyl pyrazine… Ive never heard of the Baked Bread one so Im going to check this out! I appreciate your help!

And I’m pretty sure @BoDarc has dabbled in the PBJ arena so he may have some tips :smiley:

ETA here is one of his recipes :grin:


Personally i would put a little boysenberry preserves by purilum in, i like the way it pops.


Caps Jelly Candy paired with Flavorahs Strawberry should give you a thick jam taste?

yeah take out that Amber (FA) and try your Subs …ripe for adaptations! thx @Lolly :grinning:


I also use small amounts of a couple of grapes & raspberry flavors to go with my strawberries in PB & J.


Agreed RF baked bread works in a PB&J sammich. Better too if you add one drop of DILUTED (10%) FA baked bread and or FE sweet bread crust at .08-.17%…