Tips for using Yocan Vaporizers!

Yocan Evolve series with QTC / QDC, and the newly launched nectar collector, Yocan Falcon Mini, Yocan Loki for the first dab experience!

Any tricks for beginners?
Thank you for sharing!

Specifications please.

Are you on FB? Andy O, You Tube reviewer, he has started reviewing “other things “ aside from vapor products, I grabbed a link from you tube, if you’re interested, I’ll leave it here. He’s also on bc FB Andy Okun, he’s knowledgeable.

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Thanks a lot!
You can contact me via this FB page: Redirecting...

Maybe you can know more clearly through the webpage.
Yocan Loki: Yocan Loki Portable Vaporizer Pen for Concentrates - Yocan® Official
Yocan Falcon Mini: Yocan Falcon Mini Neon Glow Vaporizer Pen - Yocan® official
Yocan Evolve: Yocan Evolve Plus Advanced Vape Pen 2020 Version - Yocan®
Yocan Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer Pen 2020 Version - Yocan® Tech