Titanium wire for CLOCC coil

Hello everyone,
I own a Kangertech Cupti with 0.5 and 1.5 ohm CLOCC coils.
I want to replace the wires in these coils with titanium ones with ohm value lower than 0.5 (0.3 or 0.1). Is it possible to use titanium wire in CLOCC coils? If it is how should i proceed? (like how many rounds and etc.)

I don’t know if you can use it in those coils since I have no experience with them, as for how many rounds, that depends on the inner diameter of your coils.
You can check that on www.steam-engine.org

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I will give it a try anyway. I should have SS, Titanium and Nichrome wires in 2 days. i’ll post the results :slight_smile:

I used to rebuild my Kanger coils, but they were the old square type with the removable top. I would imagine that rebuilding the CLOCC coils with Ti or SS wire would give about the same result. For Ti, I would suggest 7 wraps spaced, with a 3.5 mm I.D.(If memory serves, this is the inner diameter of the stock Kanger coils) The finished coil should come out to around 0.3 to 0.32 ohms resistance. This was calculated using the Wire Wizard over at Steam Engine and assumes a wire gauge of 26. If you’re using a higher or lower gauge than that, expect the resistance to vary accordingly.

One thing to consider when rebuilding factory coil heads like these: It’s really easy to get a short, because you’re passing both your positive and negative coil leads down the metal barrel of the coil. I found that placing a dog-leg bend in the positive lead really helped to keep the positive off the coil barrel.

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i like the CL RBA (yes there is an RBA for CLOCC type for people that don’t know about it)… it’s simple even for the non experienced builders and it’s working fine… though i am not much familiar with Ti Wire… i tried it once and my experience was not the greatest…

i have found no really pros on it…
a) it’s taste isn’t the best around
b) it can be toxic…
c) if for some reason you try to dry burn it…it gets ignited…

i would always prefer Ss over Ti… it providers a nice taste (i say cleaner than kanthal but this is subjective) if your mod supports Ss it works wonders with TCR but it works great with Wattage mode too…

though for your question…
Wire: Titanium
2.5 ID (Inner Diameter)
Wire Gauge: 26
6 wraps (5 inside +2 for the legs = 6)
result in Ohms:0.3
make sure that your wraps are opened and not contacting one each other… DON’T try to Dry burn it for ANY reason…

i hope i helped ya

Almost the only thing you got right

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