Title Bar change - reverse

I would love if you could reverse the order of things in the title bar…There are a lot of times I have 5+ tabs opened in Chrome…Then it starts to get messy…as all i can read is e-Liquid Calculator again and again…
If that was reversed it would be great…

I see no harm if instead of:
e-Liquid Calculator :: Flavor :: Vanilla Custard (TPA)

it showed:
Vanilla Custard (TPA) :: Flavor :: e-Liquid Calculator

it would be godsent. :slight_smile:


I see no harm in that. Done! :slight_smile:



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After a couple days have passed and paingawd actually gets off his arse to mix some recipes…

@daath, just wanted to say “THANKS!!!” It’s a small change, but it’s HUGE in functionality. Now I’m not trying to remember what tab was what! Although I do try to keep the number of tabs open in the single digits, I sometimes get a little overzealous on my mixing days. I’m trying to not put too much strain on the system!!


I’ve actually thought about it many times myself - I never have less than 20 tabs open :stuck_out_tongue:


It really is so much better. Thank you from me too!

:man_facepalming: i knew something changed but couldnt figure what. definitely makes it more organized, Thks!!