TNT Ice Remix (or something similar)

Hey all, with NZ almost 2 weeks into level 4 COVID-19 lockdown the only way to get e-juice is online or DIY. My father-in-law is getting over his stash of Apple Sour Cherry (mostly subjective due to the bottles leaking hes going off that brand), so we thought it might be a good time to get him to try some DIY flavours. His previous go to before the Apple Sour Cherry was Berry Mint/Menthol mix, so I’ve been thinking about trying to mix up something with what I have available and stumbled onto the TNT Ice clone found online. Now I dont have all the ingredients but the flavour profile sounds like something he would like, Apple, Strawberry, Peach and Menthol.

So I’d please like some help in recreating something like this with what I have available:

TFA Strawberry
TFA Strawberry Ripe
CAP Sweet Strawberry

INW Peach
FA White Peach

CAP Fuji Apple


Other than the SBs and the WS-23 I haven’t played around or single flavour tested the Peaches or the Fuji Apple so have come here for help making something tasty for him. I’ve got an idea of a starting point but since it’s for someone else I dont want to have to make 3-4 batches before I get it right. Thanks in advance team :slight_smile: will post my starting point below and adapt it as feedback comes through!

Marc’s Mix v0:

INW Peach 2%
FA White Peach 2%
CAP Fuji Apple 4%
TFA Strawberry 6%
WS-23 1%

INW Peach 3%
FA White Peach 1%
CAP Fuji Apple 2%
CAP Sweet Strawberry 7%
INW Cactus 0.25%
WS-23 1%

INW Peach 1%
FA White Peach 1%
CAP Fuji Apple 2%
CAP Sweet Strawberry 7%
INW Cactus 0.25%
WS-23 1%


With TNT, your flavor profile percentages are a little off.

If you’re looking for a clone, you’re wanting to find a strawberry heavy, peach secondary, apple background.

I would recommend this:

Peach (inw) 4%
Fuji apple (cap) 2%
Sweet strawberry (cap) 6-8%
Menthol 0.5-1%
If you’re looking for the commercial style sweetness, I’d suggest about 0.5% sweetener as well.

I have been working on a good TNT that’s not overpowering, myself. My husband is a big fan of it, too. He likes the latest mix I did. Close to what I’ve put above.

I wouldn’t recommend that much white peach, it is a little bitter at that high. If you must have it in there, maybe 0.5-1%.

Just fiddle with it and see what it gets you!

I hope this helps. :blush:

This was the first one I did that he really liked with raspberry in place of the strawberry.


Thanks so much for the reply! Do you think WS-23 will be okay till I get Menthol? I’m gonna try get Menthol and Citrus Menthol in the near future but only have WS-23 and Peppermint to work with in the mean time, Peppermint probably better for Candy/Dessert I’m thinking. Do you think 4% on INW Peach might be high or it is okay? Just asking because INW is generally very concentrated but I’ll give it a go!! I also have INW Raspberry and can taste Raspberry more than Strawberry so may give a variation of yours a try!


Inawera peach is strong. Start at 0.5% in a mix for that flavour ime



v0.2 has become v1.0. I made up a 10mL tester of it for the Father-In-Law and after a taste he asked how much it’ll cost him for that and more. So that’s an awesome result, as a couple months into DIY I was still half expecting to be told its trash haha. Still cant taste Strawberry very well in vaping but the Peach and Apple is definitely there and it’s very nice after a quick taste. I managed to sneak a pod full before he claimed the bottle haha.


Try Inawera Shisha strawberry.
That has solved many a case of “strawberry blindness”. :wink:

And 4% Ina peach is insanely high, even for MTL users.


Legendary. Gonna add that to my cart right now. Would you suggest any of the other INW Shisha flavours? Ended up going with 1% each INW Peach and FA White Peach and the end result is awesome, the Peach is very pronounced and definitely wouldn’t need to use more than that in most mixes. Considered a Peach Ring with Gummy Candy and 3% INW Peach but idk 3% might be too high after tasting it, I love it as is and am very glad I started low. Learnt my lesson with FLV Wild Melon lmao, if its FLV, INW or MF its definitely not to be underestimated.


Add NF to that list. :wink:
Most of Nature’s Flavors are that strong as well.

As for recommending other Ina Shisha flavors, I can’t help at the moment unfortunately. I’ve got several in the Shisha line, but my backlog in SFT’s is killing me.


Damn, so many good brands of flavour concentrate. I can only imagine what my stash will be like in a year or so lmao.

I feel you on the SFT backlog brother haha that’s the chore of DIY I guess :joy: some flavours I find myself vaping the whole SFT batch lmao others I never touch again once I know what they do, got so many to do still fml.


Juicy strawberry FA and Inawera Shisha strawberry i find they are good


I’ll give them a go I’m especially interested in Shisha Strawberry cant wait to try it.


Yeah the Shisha Strawberry i buy that in 100ml bottles as i use that a lot


My initial stash started with 15 flavors and 4 brands… I now have over 100 flavors and ummmm 6…maybe 7 brands… LMAO it’s addictive! I have another 20 or 30 flavors on the way, too!

WS-23 ought to be fine but give peppermint a try, too… It’s your imperative, whatever flavor works for you is what works!!

I am so glad it turned out well! I didn’t realize inw was that highly concentrated so I’m glad you went with 1%!!

Please, don’t be afraid to give my mix a try. Use the edit option and make it yours by changing the brands and percentages to match your stash and usage!! That’s why we share them!! Just don’t forget to give credit for the original, when you do that.

Enjoy your DIY journey, man! I know I am!!



I agree w/@delltrapp. Might want to bring it down a bit.


I think @Alisa has a recipe called “Glass Apple”. To date one of my favorite menthol blends.

@Alisa is an easy follow on the recipe side. She has a ton of great mixes. I think I am not the only one here that speaks highly for her recipes.


I used to have one by that name, but it’s been gone awhile. I do recommend starting with this recipe and make adjustments to your own taste… I prefer a lot less koolada myself. Overall, a good 'Glass Apple" recipe.


It was one of the best. I like how everything complemented itself and was a different flavor at each pull.