To Admins: Would you consider a public API?

Hey There!

I love this site. I love everything about public recipes and getting the flavor you want at the price you can afford.

I was wondering if you would consider making your recipes and data available as a public API. (Simple as JSON data output for the full recipe list with their ingredients) I would absolutely be willing to brand any section of my web app with your logo and provide all credit where credit is due, but I’d love to be able to provide your information to users of my web app as well.

PM or email me at any time to discuss details, my credentials, and any other information you would want to know ahead of time.

Thank you!


Hi Importune - I’ve had that request from quite a few developers. I will definitely consider it in the future - but for now, it will stay in a walled garden. The data structrue and many other things are still in flux. We have the annoying duplicate flavor problem that I’d at least like to fix before opening up a public API…


@daath I and others think ur doing just fine it’s so ummm idk how to say it so personal and different from all the others… don’t change it ur doing just fine and I’ll say it again THANKS ALOT FOR ALL U DO!!!


Any update to this?

Do you have a use case?

The only viable use case that I can think of for the benefit of ELR users is an API call to import a recipe.


I was actually going to ask about this, figured I’d search first though. I was throwing around the idea of a desktop calculator/recipe tracker in Java or otherwise cross platform, since there doesn’t seem to be many options available for OSX. It’d be great to tie into ELR for both import and export (well, import from ELR and export to ELR). Unfortunately I think it’d need more than just recipe access - flavors too, if nothing else.

Have you considered open sourcing ELR?

There is no doubt that maintaining an app of this scale is a lot of work, let alone trying to manage it in your free time.

With a community this large, I know there are plenty of members that would be happy to pitch in and contribute.

Already being established as THE diy-juice community platform, forking of the project and subsequent fragmentation of the community is unlikely.

However, there are tons of open-source licenses for you to choose from and find the right fit for your vision of the project going forward.

Just food for thought :relaxed:

I have considered it. At some point, when I feel comfortable, and have fixed most of the big things (at the time of writing), and implemented a redesign, I will consider it once more :slight_smile:


One use case I could come up with is possibly let a user search elr from a vendor website, and choose what flavors they want for them based on the recipe they select. Daath you could probably even get the vendors to pay you for the pleasure, maybe not a ton, but enough to keep the site up for sure.


Definitely!!! An auto-import feature (to a flavor vendor’s website) would be phenomenal for starting mixers, as would an auto-import integration of our wishlists (TO ELR, as I have wishlists on some sites that I haven’t added yet to the ELR lists…and locally [one on laptop, one on desktop] as I’ve gone through…etc. etc.) Rather annoying to have things spread across so many areas, and not a single solitary place to have everything at hand.

I’ve been wanting an ELR android app since day one, just so that I could start having this all together in one spot and have it portable, from the aspect of shopping in the scant few shops that actually are willing to sell flavorings direct!

Hello. Any news about API?