To all the ozzies

To all the Ozzies on the forum please take a moment to fill this out and it will be sent to your local member of parliament. We as a country are pretty apathetic when it comes to making ourselves heard and as a result law changes like those in South Australia may come down the pipe and hit us all. Please take the time to try to do something about it before it is too late.


Just looking at this post from far, you’d swear you’re talking about some kind of drug, not the most effective thing that keeps people from smoking :cry:

Good luck with it!


Completed and submitted. :+1:
Hope this will help. Only time will tell.


OUTSTANDING post @woftam.


If it wasn’t so true or serious it would be funny but I posted that exact post to an Australian DIY FB group I used to be a member of and it was deleted. It was deleted but it did result in a policy change on that page :tada:


Good luck from over the ditch.
We seem to be heading on the right track, your buggers need to wake up and smell the roo poo.:joy:

All the best mate.


Thanks @woftam :slight_smile:
Have submitted and will share where i can!


That letter … :astonished: Looks like it opens the door to kick yourself in the nut sack.

However, our current laws incentivise self-mixed nicotine solutions under unregulated conditions or black market products such as 99% nicotine solutions available online from China. These options carry serious risk of contamination or overdose. Legalising nicotine solutions is what will ultimately make safe regulation possible.

If I was one of those anti-vaping extremists, I’d see a good opportunity here to ban all imports from China or other DIY products as well. Gotta be careful giving them bad ideas…


You think they don’t already have those ideas? Currently we are allowed to import nicotine under a personal import scheme.

Just so happens I have a prescription they can however shut the door anytime.

Take CBD up until May of this year it was quite legal to import CBD no prescription required (under the same personal import scheme but with slightly different conditions).
Now you need a prescription from a doctor (of which there are about 18 in the whole country authorised to write scripts for CBD )

So they have their boot on our throats and can apply weight anytime they want so no matter what they already have their ideas.

Assholes exercising their control just to prove that they can.