To all Vapers - I need your help

Hi Everyone

I am thinking of starting up a small bespoke vape juice company in the UK and need some input from the vaping community to help me decide my product line.

Please can i ask that you to complete this very simple and quick survey by following any of the links below.

There is also a chance to win some Amazon vouchers as well.

Really appreciate it.


The Vape Initiative Team

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Have you done the regulatory research. My own research seems to indicate it is pretty tough to start selling liquids.


I had quick look at the survey, but there’s zero chance I would buy the juice unless it’s PG-free, and there was no question about that, so figured my input would be pointless. Disappointed that a “bespoke” juice company wouldn’t offer that option


Thanks for that note. Definitely take that on board. Appreciate the feedback!

May I ask why you prefer PG free juice? Most juices I have bought over the last 5 years have a portion of PG in them.

Cheers again.


It’s not a preference. i’m sensitive to PG- it triggers my asthma. PG-free juice is pretty hard-to-find in the UK., especially since TPD. Most of it is imported from the USA, And expensive. That’s the main reason why I started mixing my own.

Another reason why some people avoid PG is simply that p[refer their juice to be organic Indeed, most of the PG-free juices are also organic

Please note that most of the flavour concentrates are PG-based, but some of the exceptions are exceptonally good: Medicine Flower, Nature’s Flavors, Real Flavors (most of them) . Mostly USA companies again.

Frankly, I doubt i’ll go back to buying juice, now i’m mixing my own, but there’s quite a big gap in the matket here, since TDP. It would be pretty cool if more PG-free juice was available.

BTW, I notice that you’ve only done 3 minutes reading here, since you joined, 18 months ago. Seems a pity, This place is an excellent resource, and is used by a number professional mixers as well as amateurs like myself. There’s always more to learn!


Thanks for this info. I will definitely consider adding a PG free option to my juices.


I only signed up last night so I have lots of ready planned. Don’t know where the 18 months ago comes from though. Thanks again for you expertise, very helpful!


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Feb 26, '17

Hmm. Maybe you signed up then forgot all about it? Happens. Or maybe the forum software is playing silly buggers with the dates. *shrugs *


Is it the same when you order from australia (juice factory)? I remember josephine van rijn ordered from there to holland, and she said the delivery cost was not as bad compared to delivery from US.
They have some real flavours sc btw.

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Must be the forum SW. it happens

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I’m not sure Juice Factory existed back when i was buying juice . I was actually buying it from British companies mostly, so it wasn’t an issue with postage so much as the juice was pricey, premium-rate organic stuff. I did order Virgin Vapor direct from the USA manufacturer, though, due to poor selection of flavours on offer here (and that was before TPD!) .Last I looked , though, they would only send their much less extensive TPD-compliant range to the UK, Another good reaon for DIY-ing!

As @SuperFrog pointed out, there’s one heckova lot of red -tape for juice manufacturers to cut through now , and it can therefore be be very costly to get a new flavour certificated . I’m surprised anybody wants to start up in the UK ,ATM. If it were me, I’d first wait and see if we drop the stupid TPD regs , following Brexit!

Anyways, yes, Juice Factory postage is very reasonable, and they sell the alcohol based chinese super concentrates (same as VZ) , as well as those RF SC. You can get a much wider range of RFSC from RainbowVapes here in Brirtain though :wink:.


The parlementary report on exit is probably the only good thing where Brexit could have an impact. If UK goes out of TPD, no selling in EU though, not sure too many will take the chance. Plus many larger manufacturers rather enjoy the margins of the 10ml.
You can turn a margin on small scale produced 10ml packaged for £2, comfortable margins at 3. On a 30ml, it looks like the price could be around £5. Either way, after production/recipe/business certification and registration, it is a lot of bottle per day to sell to make a living of it.
Probably more money in unregulated oneshots/shortfills if they don’t get regulated away by the time the op gets there.