To whomever owns recipe 2106697...keep it 100 blue slush clone

dude… whered it go? I never got a chance to screen capture it, i studdied it for long enought to remeber that it is a mix of OSDIY Blue Raz, TFA Strawberry Ripe, WS-23, Koolada and at least two things i am forgetting in varying percentages I do not remember. If you could help me out on figuring out a juice that dosnt suck I’d appreicate it. IVe mixed the OSDIY with Strawberry ripe at 10% and 4% respectivly and the flavors are muted hardcore, tried a mix with Hard candy at 2% Raspberry Shisha at 2% 8% OSDIY Blue Raz and 1% Super Sweet and was burried under a mix that tasted OK but nothing like what I wanted. Help a guy out


@Capinamazing We need some more bread crumbs. Many recipes are posted out in threads as WIP (works in progress) but are not yet Public. Search the Forum (here) instead of the ELR Home (recipe side - database). Post a link to the discussion and not the (likely) “Private” recipe #number

DIY can get complex and involves some good old fashioned luck sometimes …getting that perfect pairing and %s is a hardcore challenge. Meanwhile we don’t have enough clues to assist. Use that little magnifying glass search tool above if you have lost track of that original post. Good Luck!


Yeah I’ve seen that happening too (e.g. some HIC recipes or DIYorDIE recipes) that I wanted to make and then disappeared before I had all the ingredients…
So I decided from early on that whatever recipe looked interesting to me, I just adapted it and copied it over to my own list (privately). It’s the only way to prevent such loss. The majority of people that use the recipe side of the site aren’t very active on the forums, so it’s a tough chance to find such a recipe once it’s gone.

Maybe have a look at some competing sites (ATF, LDPLN, … ), some people move around.


dont know if this is it!