Toased rice MarshMallow treat...suggestions welcomed

Hi all, wondering if by reducing these flavours a little lower would it hurt my flavour?
It tastes exactly like Subversion which I was trying to make for my wife. Only steeped a week but wow, compared it to original and its pretty close to bang on. I’m just wondering if anyone thinks I can reduce percentages and still keep flavour. Also thinking of adding a touch of vanilla swirl to bring up the flavours like a booster?

Let me know what you think please. Oh how do I copy and paste a picture correctly of recipes so it doesn’t look like this lol?

crispy treats clone max v :

3% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
3% Marshmallow (FA)
2% Meringue (TPA)
6% Rice Crunchies (TPA)
6% Toasted Marshmallow (TPA)
5% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)

Flavor total: 25%
3mg Nic

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if it is exactly what you were trying to make for your wife, why change anything? am i missing something? btw think i am going to try this tonight


Do some side by side tests. Try and reduce. And then let them steep for 4 weeks. If she loves it you should always have some on hand ready for her. Then means allowing for enough to be made to always keep her happy


Your recipe is marked as private…

You could try using the @CosmicTruth Calculator on my site here -

It would allow you to lower your percentages proportionally…

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Sorry about that, It should be public now, did a mod to 0 nic before I mixed 60 ml batch. She said she doesn’t want the nic anymore. It must have change my public one.

The reason I ask about the reduction in Flavour percentages is that I am wondering if one or some of the flavours would be maxed out or are they ok at their percentages now. Say for example toasted marshmallow doesn’t change flavour from 3-6 percent?

I do hear you guys about if its good don’t change but man, it used up all my flavours fast lol with that high percentage. I guess I’m ordering more.

I will try that calculator and side by side test right after I order more supplies, thanks for help everyone. I hope you guys try it and like. Let me know if you do and any mods you might suggest.


I would definitely lower the toasted marsh to about 1-2%. Maybe add 0.75 % sweetener. Also if u want the taste of butter I would try adding some butter cream purilum or cap at 1-2% or tfa peanut butter around 1%.

How you post the pics of ur recipe is like this. On the recipe page click the wrench up top on the right.
Then click copy as html and then come on this page and press paste. Hope this makes sense. If not I’ll post better when I’m not moblie.

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Here is the original recipe I modded. I didn’t have sweetener and was told MM shouldn’t be higher than 3 so I added toasted marshmallow also to give it more MM boom. But man it taste just like store bought, its just missing some body that I’m sure will come with more steep time.

Ethos Crispy Treats Clone

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Take the toasted down to below 2%… wow!


Exactly what I said. It might be ok SNV but once it steeps holy wow! I did that with FW yogurt when it first came out. It steeped a few weeks and I tried it…needless to say I haven’t been able to vape any yogurts since :wink:


I can’t let this flavour steep. My wife is going through it like the space shuttle sucks rocket fuel. I made a similar recipe with 1 percent vanilla swirl but dropped all other flavours as well as suggested. It still smells the same. I will side by side test next weekend with one week steep. I will also use Grubby Cosmic Truth Calculator which I plugged the number into…Pretty cool Grubby. That will be my next mix of this recipe. What percentage do you recommend I plug into finished result… I was thinking 15 for next mix since recipe below is 20.
I watched Wayne from DIY and I thinks I saw a video where he said something about one of the flavours… might have been Bavarian Cream but not sure, if over flavoured will become oily. I taste that but its still good… need to tweak down but keep same taste.

Ok not 2, but will try with next mix. I think I did this before anyone posted.

Thanks everyone for input, I really appreciate the help. I’m going to have to buy these flavours by the gallon, wife is chewing them up before they can steep.

Juice Junky lover, not looking for butter, and am allergic to peanuts lol … I didn’t have sweetener so I bumped MM to get more MM tasted. Here is original recipe I am working from. wife and I love the MM