Tobacco Absolute 50% (ECX)

I bought this a long time ago in a pursuit of a wild dream for a recipe-that-shall-not-be-named. I trekked mountains and slept on cold stone foor on a wet cavern looking for the bounty I sought.
When I returned home, a part of me stayed in the cold cave, still yearning for the answer

It takes place there now, when I held this bottle of tobacco absolute when I realized, years later that I have no idea how to use it and that it kicked me in the teeth, the last time that I broke its seal.

Trying to make a malboro menthol recipe for a friends significant other who needs to quit smoking.


Long ago, I used the ECX TA; in private recipes, since not a whole lot of people appreciate the flavor of a TA. I would take the ECX TA and dilute it with pure grain alcohol; cut the original form in half to make a 50/50 mix of TA and PGA… this tended to have a better outcome than using PG as the “cutting solvent”. From there, about 1% (or less) in the mix would give me a favorable outcome, flavor-wise. Still, I would have to let the mix steep for upwards to a month before it calmed down into an enjoyable vape.

:grinning: …for the record:


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i’m …speechless, this is… blasphemy. i’m still working on the one bottle…