Tobacco and Vanilla

Hello guys, I quit smoking a month ago and started vaping. I tried Eliquid france supreme and now that I am going to make my own eliquid, I bought only vanilla and tobacco kml from their flavors. I don’t want to replicate the supreme but rather have these two flavors only. I don’t mind the rest of the flavors but I enjoy those two the most. So now I have no idea what percentage (%) to go for in my own eliquid that I am about to make regarding vanilla and tobacco. Do you have any suggestions? Also should I leave it to steep for some time?


Congratulations on quitting smoking! And welcome to ELR! :blush:

Are the 2 flavors you bought on the flavor list, in the brand you bought? The brand makes a big difference because many are very different from each other.

The flavor list is under the resources tab at the top on the recipe side of the website…
Or you can search for them there. There are different abbreviations for almost every brand on the list, you can find those in the resources as well…

If they are on the list, then there are recommendations, if you click on the flavor name, for single flavor use and use in recipes. I find the notes section on each flavor to also be very helpful in determining % and steeping times.

If they aren’t on the flavor list, then I would try the website of the company for suggestions. I have been learning that tobaccos need a 4 week or more steep. But, some lighter ones can tske less time than darker ones. Also, the % of PG vs VG will affect steeping time.

Inewara (INW) Vanilla Shisha is a great single flavor vanilla tobacco that is used in a lot of recipes on here.


Here is the Tobacco KML

The Vanilla has a few different options. I just searched e liquid france and found a bunch of their flavors.


Both flavors are made from the brand “Eliquid France” and yes they do exist here in recipes but in what % should they be used when combined? I find recipes with 4 or 5 flavors including those 2 I bought or I find stats for each one alone. I am wondering what should I do when I use those 2 together.

It’s all about personal preference, I start with a couple of drops in an oz of water to get an idea of strength and starting flavor, I would recommend mixing them as singles to see how there flavors develop and testing them every few days, if your in a rush try them at 1/2 to 3/4 of what the recommended single flavor strength is. Hope this helps some.


Click on the link I posted above for the Tobacco KML. There is a suggested % for use in recipes, a range, the average and the median %. Some of the notes have what people have tried. I usually start with the median %, and adjust from there. Then click on the vanilla flavor anyplace you have seen it, recipes or flavor list, and find out what it’s median use in recipes is. And those could be a starting point for each.

It’s going to take making small batches to determine which %'s work for you.

Because of the steep time, I would make a few small bottles of different options with different %'s of the flavors all at once. Let them steep using your preferred method. Then try them and see what tastes best for you.

Make sure you keep notes. Label the bottles with the date mixed, nicotine mg, % of PG & VG, And which version of the recipe is in the bottle. (ie…3.5% tobacco, 3% vanilla, but with your actual numbers) or name them Version 1, 2, 3, etc… and keep a record of the exact measurements used in each. I save them as recipes on here, it’s convenient!

Just be sure to make new recipes for each version, don’t edit, because it will save over your last one! Learned that the hard way! Lol!


I could be wrong, but I don’t think this has any tobacco to it - just vanilla. It might go well with a tobacco though :smiley:


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I appreciate the tag :grinning: However, the information provided, thus far from other members, is spot on :sunglasses:… I would be laboring the point.

I will add this to the thread:

Lots of good info to read! :wink:

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I like this one mixed at 5% to 7% all by it self ( I mix Max VG )
For 30/70 you can mix 3% to 5%

And a new flavor is on it’s way soon :thumbsup:


You are right, my mistake! Sorry!


No need at all petal! :kissing:

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I concur with Lolly, Inawera Shisha is a sub-line of their flavorings and does not mean “tobacco”, neither their Vanilla Shisha or Strawberry Shisha have tobacco notes, but are robust and excellent concentrates.