Tobacco blends

Hey everybody! I’m in the midst of making a few recipes of my own and my question was relating to tobacco flavors and how to blend them to form a well rounded bold but yet sweet tobacco mix that I could add some vanilla creams to and some almond to make a very luxury tobacco blend

Check out this thread:

And this list:

And also @Kinnikinnick and @Josephine_van_Rijn and @daath’s recipes:

[Kinnikinnick] (

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Thank you for the links very much appreciated but to save some time and money buying through tobacco flavors which I see people doing a lot are there any you would recommend for the blend I described in the beginnings?

I don’t have a lot of experience with tobaccos because I recently started using them. I’m glad I did because there are some great ones. 2 I really like so far are Dark For Pipe and AM4A. Both are made by Inawera. AM4A is more like a traditional ciggy imo. I’ve used these flavors to mix with them: (not all at once)

FA Caramel
FA Almond
Inawera Shisha Strawberry
Inawera Peach

Haven’t tried vanilla yet, but I’m sure it would work. Also, get yourself some MTS Vape Wizard. Adding 1 drop per 10 or 15 ml will make the vapor feel more like smoke.

This recipe is what drew me into tobacco flavors. Then I started making my own adaptations.

Make sure you allow all your tobaccos to steep.

7 Leaves (FA), RY4 Double (TPA), Black n Mild (FE), Black Honey (TPA)…I don’t have much experience in this department either, which is why I posted the links.

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Hmm the dark sounds good and how much of the MTS does that one drop make the vapor feel like smoke? I’m not going for too much of that maybe just a hint to add that sense that tobacco needs to bloom imo. also the list of mixers is helpful appreciate it.

Thank you for the recommendations and it’s alright the effort is enough for me :sunglasses: I’m just another person asking the same questions haha any response always helps

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Yeah you definitely don’t need much. The last recipe I used 2 drops in a 30 ml bottle…might try 3 next time. Never tried one drop. Might as well start with one though because you can always add another if you only took a little juice out of the bottle to test with.

I put together 10% Soho and 3% Glory with 2% Vienna Cream today and it hasn’t steeped obviously but it’s already delicious. Did mix it up with a vortex mixer.

Can you describe the flavor of the recipe? And the company of flavors I’ll see how how I like it myself

Sure… to me it’s slightly nutty and a small amount of sweetness. No harsh notes … smooth. I will note that I vape at 21w on a nautilus at 1.8 ohm

My mom tried this as well said that it tasted like a light tobacco with caramel to her.

Hmm I can work with that caramel sounds like a nice touch I’ll probably boost up creams and see what nuts I can mix in see what I can come up with. Thank you for the replies much appreciated