Tobacco flavor

I used to vape a couple of years ago and used secret sauce tobacco and it was my fav, now I’m trying to get back to mtl but I can’t find any decent tobacco flavor that matches it, tried American way of badger hill and it’s not very close but the closest I have found, anyone recommend tobacco flavor close to secret sauce or American way that’s kinnda spicy!


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I can’t help you as I don’t know commercial juice’s. When you say it’s peppery, what kind of pepper would you say it’s like? Peppermint, Sriracha, Red Pepper, Black pepper?

It’s nearly impossible to clone your favorite commercial juice but you should be able to get within acceptable reach, or maybe you’ll get something better. It will take a lot of work or a lot of luck, or both. I hope someone knows your juice and can get you pointed in a good direction.

Good luck and try to keep open to different flavors, you should be able to make something else that you like.


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I know of this one and a few around the world still stock it.

Do you want to clone this, get it or make an ADV for you?