Tobacco flavors: reccomendations?

I love live INW DARK FOR PIPE. I am coming into an order soon and besides netting it myself anyone have any recs? I am currently netting 3 pipe tobaccos and have one net if virgins flue someone gave me. Absolutely love that one. Mix with blueberry and honey. So good.
Back on topic, aby recs?


Red Burley (FLV)
Cured Tobacco (FLV)
Turkish (SC)
Maxx Blend (SC)


Super Concentrated ~
French Pipe
Black Mile
Seven Stars

Inawera ~
Dark for Pipe
Black for Pipe
Gold Ducat
Tobacco Garuda
Dirty Neutral Base

Flavour Art ~
Dark Vapure
Maxx Blend

Hangsen ~
Black Label (Dijarum)
Pipe (French Pipe)
Elder Captain

Samara Botane ~
Nicotiana Rustica


I second the above posts +
SC Old Captain
Welsh Pipe from Decadent Vapours


There are a few other Pipe tobaccos in the Inawera Range, some add an alcoholic note and some add a fruity note like cherry or plum. But for a good description go to Inawera website and search for each concentrate.

Captain Jack
French Pipe
Black Cherry

Also in the Inawera Tobacco range I enjoy Cigar Absolute as a tobacco mixing ingredient and Royal Yacht Tobacco is a really good standalone finished vape I find.

I think Kinnikinnick has produced a very good list, and the Inawera DNB he mentions is a really good concentrate for tobacco mixes, adds a nice ashy/smoke note to any mixes you create.


What a yummy list we have going here!

I’ll add to the Hangsen list:
No 5
Desert Ship

Btw, RTS is having a year end clearance on some of it’s Inawera flavors. 70% off with Clearance70 promo code. I like Inawera Nutty Princess as a complimentary flavor, added to some of my mixes. Picked up a 120 ml bottle for $18.02, including shipping.


Question for our great and powerful tobacco man…

Out of all of those, which one is the sweetest?

Before I started mixing I used to buy a super light and sweet tobacco liquid they don’t make anymore. I would like to make a very sissy sweet tobacco recipe again :slight_smile:

Which do you recommend?


Just make any tobacco flavor and stir it with you finger reeeeeeenie, it will be almost as sweet as you. :blush:


Sorry the sweetness threshold has been met. Please no more sweetness. It is bad enough I have to make an order for juices. Now you are adding boots to the order, to wade through the sweet crap


But Reeeeenie is so sweet it’s true. lmao.
How ya liking our little forum.

When you need a good laugh stop by this thread if you haven’t @Ringling is a scream. He keeps us in Stitches.


Inawera S’camel (aka Dromedary) or F’art Golden Rollie are both sweet tobacco vapes that are flavoursome if left to steep for 3 weeks minimum


I like it. You all are a group that does better for recipes and help on recipes. I enjoy it. You know me though anybody that has a question I can weigh in on I will.

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Okay, huge lists. And what a tremendous list. Let’s make lists great again. Okay politics out of the way now, let’s get to the crux now. If you were going to make your favorite tobacco mix from non natural NET, what would it be and why?

Also long time ago, MOV had my attention with caramella, an apple caramel tobacco. Any way to make that better?

Basically narrow down the list to ADV’S and just not some list. I will keep those in mind though, you can count on that.

Starting to really like your tastes in tobaccos.

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I don’t do tobacco vapes but I listed you a caramel apple tobacco recipe and then the results of the search that retrieved it.


INW Dark for Pipe, Black for Pipe (should have been on my list) and SC Turkish have a nice sweetness about them without adding to many other sweeteners. If anything, perhaps some marshmallow or sweet cream of your choice would suffice to sweeten them up some.

But, for starters, you might want to go with the SoHo. It pretty much can be a stand alone tobacco vape. The ratio of concentrate in the mix can be very wide ranging; anywhere from 5% to 15%, depending on your taste buds. The flavor profile is a light pipe tobacco with bakery and nut notes. A couple of weeks worth of steep time lend a helping hand.

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