Tobacco Free Nicotine

I remember that website…it was briefly discussed here on the forum. Some guy was promoting it and I called him and the site out on the numerous spelling mistakes and the poor grammar.

The tobacco plant has been genetically mutated to produce more nicotine. They grow strains that are rich in nicotine. Just like growing corn with bigger ears for higher yield. Like growing marijuana with high THC. If a demand is created, we will eventually grow strains of tomatoes with higher nicotine content. Its called technology.

This is really a non discussion, nothing about you or the comments but to say we can genetically start altering things like tomatoes for more nic and such is starting to get a bit out of the realm of reality. I’m not saying it couldn’t be done, but for a profit so as to make a new nicotine market, the feasibility isn’t really worth discussion on… as if the FDA wouldn’t just shake their combined heads. How about we just keep the discussion real and not see loopholes that wouldn’t even (honestly) make it to what we are all doing? The tobacco free nicotine that is (or was) talked about I believe was being created via a lab without the use of plant matter which is why it was being looked into, tobacco is a plant that contains nicotine. The FDA is trying to control ENDS… electronic nicotine delivery systems, and while everyone is jumping up and down saying we aren’t using tobacco, it would be a very short step for them (the FDA) to change the wording of “tobacco” to the word “nicotine” which they have already tipped their hand and displayed as the intention by the use of ENDS. imho


Why is a nicotine patch OK but not vapeing? As always this is all about money, They don’t care anything about the Vape community.The only way to get them to care is a whole Lotta money.