Tobacco Free Nicotine

What have you guys heard about the Next Generation labs and the “cleaner nicotine molecule”. :slight_smile: thanks for reading

From what I’ve read about it, it is put forward as the solution to the FDA regulations involving tobacco products. The general idea is that it will circumvent these regulations because it’s not made from tobacco. However, the FDA regulations also include 0mg liquids and vendors will be required to print on the bottle that it’s a product derived from tobacco, even though it isn’t. So this product will do nothing in that respect. It’s also incredibly expensive. That’s the gist of the story as far as I understood it.


I too am very interested and agree with what Josephine has said. I think it’s a great idea and brings up more thoughts on how potentially ugly the fda regulations are and can become. It goes to that boarder that anything marketed to vaping can be regulated.

However the scary part is creator will no longer want to create for our industry and may shift towards (as we have seen) labeles of “not indented” for vaping consumption. Which further leads to no one taking responsibility for safety because we’re not using it for its intended purpose.

Sure we all are doing harm reduction. But I do want our vendors creating prodcuts specifically with us in mind and supporting harm reduction. Doing testing and working step by step asking questions of if It is vaped what is the end product. Asking how we can make it safer…rather than labeling stuff as “not for vaping.”

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I heard about it on Vape Radio and they appear to have made it with the Modest vaper in mind and was discussing the molecular breakdown of how it compares to tobacco and the biggest impact was that because it isn’t tobacco derived, that it can’t be subject to fda… but I see FDA sticking their finger in that too… but heres what I got from the website… – TFN™ Nicotine is an extremely pure form of nicotine.

– TFN™ Nicotine is not derived from tobacco leaf, stem or waste dust.

– The purity of TFN™ Nicotine is evidenced mainly by the spectroscopic data, and specifically to the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance data (H1NMR and C13NMR) as well as a more traditional Gas Chromatographic analysis, and a state of the art Mass Spectral analysis performed at the University of California Irvine Organic Chemistry Department.

– The H1NMR data show the connectivity of the hydrogen atoms of the Nicotine molecule. If there are other molecules present, we would definitely see their resonance and they would appear in this spectra.

– Also, in the carbon NMR (C13NMR), where the number of carbons and position on the spectra are consistent with the structure of nicotine, and nothing else appears in the spectral data, are consistent with the ultra-high purity of TFN™ Nicotine.

– The GC-MS, where the gas chromatography (GC) is coupled with mass spectrometry (MS), provides for a very sensitive method for analysis of purity.

basically put, these peeps got together with a specialist in the tobacco field whos been working in it since 1988 and decided hey… why not make a more affordable, cleaner nicotine in higher amount for less money instead of force people to buy tobacco nicotine in lesser amount for more money.

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If not mistaken the FDA has used a blanket clause (which I really can’t understand they can get away with) which basically says anything that can be used for vaping, even if it isn’t specifically designed for vaping, falls under the ruling. As stupid as that may be, it could even say that distilled water… could be used in vaping, as could Pyure or even cotton balls… of course they won’t ban cotton balls and water, but the FDA wants to curtail everything then start collecting money to give people their freedoms back… IMHO of course.

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Sorry, it will not solve the FDA problem. If it’s intended use is to used in a ENDS product, then it will then be considered a tobacco product. Same thing for 0mg nic ejuice. No difference…

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You are essentially correct however it was worded more like if it’s intended use is in a ENDS product, then it is then deemed a tobacco product as well. They covered all bases…

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That is how I read it also… as a semi side note… once something becomes either “Law” or “Law of the Land” it is very difficult to either get it changed or resended. They can say that they will review things and make ammendments later… then keep kicking the can down the road as they “do research”. Like what they did with pot… I’ve been waiting since the 70’s to legally smoke, and even now if I went to a state where it could be done legally, my employer could still kick me to the curb due to a “no tolerance” policy of their business. I was about to quit my current employer and go to a local hospital to work in their HIM department until I found out they have a no smoking policy that includes “no nicotine” policy and they do active testing.


Like @CallMeTut stated before, the FDA doesn’t see the fact that vaping has no actual connection to tobacco products except for nicotine in the liquids as any hindrance in imposing their madness upon all vaping devices, including zero nic juices. So, although I appreciate their trying, this won’t do anything - the FDA can still rule tobacco free nicotine to be considered as a tobacco product because it’s nicotine and looks like smoking (kinda, not…).

Anyhow, a year or so ago I read about nicotine extracted from other plants that have nicotine in them, tomatoes if memory doesn’t fail me. You should be able to find that info through the search function.
Hasn’t caught on, though, as far as I know. Their website looked highly unprofessional, maybe it was a fake even. Given the amount of nicotine in tomatoes, it would take quite a lot to extract enough - and that wouldn’t be too feasible, I reckon.

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Tobacco free nicotine?

As a card carrying tobacco lover, all I can say is… sacrilege!

Is nothing sacred?

Heh heh :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ve been skimming my post again for lack of time :grinning:

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Other than “Because they said so”, how can they really connect tobacco free nicotine to tobacco? I’m not looking for a loophole or a way around it, but the idea of a cleaner nicotine is really great plus they are able to produce more for affordable prices. I think it’ll be interesting

From what I had heard from a podcast (I believe it was) from one of the developers of this type of product, is that currently it is more expensive than current nic that is developed.
They can do it because “vaping is bad…” according to them, so anything that can be used for vaping are the things they wish to be covered… “anything” basically means “everything” that remotely can be considered something that can be vaped, or used so a person can vape.

at what time section did they say vaping is bad?

I’m sorry I wasn’t prepared to prove myself with exact quotes and recorded comments… how about the innuendoes of having to protect the kids, or nicotine is addictive comments we keep hearing about, the people wishing to place vaping in the same category as smoking and such… ? I’m not hear to argue, just pointing out what is going on… disregard my comments, or even better… do a damn google search.

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I’m assuming the ‘they’ is the FDA, not the producers of the tobacco free nicotine.

TFN is 100% not a loop hole for FDA regulations. NicSelect nicotine comes from leaf. TFN is derived from some sort of nightshade vegetable but at the end of the day the nicotine molecule is still present in there product as well.

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I think some people might be taking this conversation to heart and need to go do a damn google search on light conversation. this synthetic nicotine isn’t a loophole finder or way to get around the FDA. its just a different variety of nicotine.

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What people are having such a hard time understanding, with good reason I might add, is that the equipment we vape with according to the FDA IS a tobacco product. They like to call it a ENDS which essentially is a Nicotine Delivery System. Their take on this is if you put ANYTHING in a Nicotine Delivery System which they deem a tobacco product, then what you put in it then becomes a tobacco product too. The FDA even goes as far to say if a products INTENDED USE is in a Nicotine Delivery System then it is a tobacco product. @CallMeTut is correct, at this time cost for the synthetic nicotine is higher from what I read. Until it is mass produced, it will be higher I imagine…

Agreed! :triumph:

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