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Tobacco.. Help me


Hey ask God to be here.
I’m trying to get some popular simple tobacco recipes… Something like simple cigarette cigar hookah etc… Something where the tobacco will be noticed.
I tried some gold silver but maybe I used to little…
I would like the tobacco to be conspicuous is all.
So I’m not sure which popular tobacco flavor to use and how much of it.
Would appreciate some knowledge of anyone has to offer.


Like if I was to use hangsens gold and silver what percent should I use for say a simple cigarette recipe…
Flavor list says 0.5% in recipes but I don’t taste any tobacco…


It doesn’t, it says 5%, that’s probably why you don’t taste it.


Right thank you!
I couldn’t find it what did you type in?


I guess I misunderstood the person whom gave me the recipe


In the recipe side, click on the flavor name when it’s highlighted (blue). You could also search in user -> flavor list. There will be a search box on top of page.


How can I find recipe with a certain flavor… Also I did flavor list search but weird something else comes up


In the recipe side follow the steps
Resources >
Flavor list
In Search term box add the flavor
Scroll down and click recipes

Like what?


If weird flavors came up, I usually just choose the one that have the most recipe.

To search a recipe with certain flavor, if you have the flavor in your stash, click search by flavor stash, and choose the flavor you want.



Part of the DIY process (at least for us old-schoolers) includes single flavor testing. Mixing up small batches of just one flavor, taste testing them and making notes on strengths and percentages you used to get the best from that one flavor.

Once you become better acquainted with your flavors you won’t necessarily need to rely on what a Flavor List says


BTW there was a typo I meant… Hey all good to be here


If you’re going single flavor, personally I’d suggest Red Burley by FLV, without going organic, I think it’s the best,tastes good on its own wonderful in a mix with black cavendish, Latakia and the like…
If you want ciggy like, good old DNB Inawera base with Gold Dukat still by INW


Thanks… Problem is that in England I can’t really get those flavors and having them shipped from us is a bundle
What would you suggest in terms of flavors like:
Tobacco crunch - pf
Cured tobacco-fl
Burley tobacco-fa
Ry4 double-tpa
Red type blend 2-tpa
Vanilla for pipe-iw
Western flavor-tpa
Native tobscco-fl


I’m looking for both single flavor for like cigarette and also heavier for like hookah cigar pipe etc…
Any suggestions?


Rainbow vapes and Vapable uk sites both have a selection of Inawera tobacco flavours. I’ve tried their Virginia and black cherry tobacco and they’re both good, so if i were looking for other tobacco flavours, inawera is where I’d start.


You can at https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk/search?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=Dnb&submit_search=
Don’t forget to add coupon POTV for a -10%!


Thanks I thought all there was is chefs


Adding Vapour Depot… :+1:
In UK you can find just about anything you want…


Thank you!


Get flavorah and inawera tobaccos. They are well praised by many.

If you want the most popular, get ry4 double TPA too.