Tobacco Memorabilia

Love it or hate it, tobacco is part of our history. I think some of the old tobacco memorabilia is interesting. My wife is helping her mother pack up her stuff, and move to a senior facility. She found the old Velvet tobacco tin, while packing things, and she brought it home. It’s from the Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co (L&M).

The other is a Marsh Wheeling cigar box. My uncle smoked those stogies, and always brought us a few of the boxes, when they visited. Those cigar boxes have been part of my family history, since before I was around. We kept everything in them. I use this one to keep my vape & coil winding tools in.

I wonder if others might have similar tobacco memorabilia laying around?


I’ve just about put away all of my smoking paraphernalia; got a few Zippos tucked away in keep safe boxes…and a few choice pieces of glass and wood. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do keep one ashtray out on the front porch for guests who still smoke.

I found it among some of my Fathers possessions a long time ago. He smoked unfiltered Camels…he was also one of those individuals that knew better…a Doctor. :smirk:


“Your 'T-Zone will tell you”

T For Taste…
T for Throat…

My younger brother smokes non filtered Humps too. I tried to get him into RYO, to save some money, since the non filter Camels are so expensive. He said he tried a bunch of RYO tobacco, but none had the kick he wanted.

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Tell him to try the Pete Stokkebye Amsterdam, Danish, Norwegian,Turkish or Stockholm
shag. Those have a very nice kick. I settled on the London Export because it didn’t have a crazy throat hit; smoked about a 1.5oz pouch every 2 days.

Very cool thread! Maybe I will see a picture of the cigar brand my Great Uncle used to smoke. I always guessed they were very expensive, because my Aunt and Uncle always seemed very wealthy. Their house reminded me of something Sherlock Holmes would live in. The leather furniture was very old, but looked brand new. And the smell in the house was a very rich, very smooth tobacco smell. Everything in the house was saturated with it. It made everything smell so damn good and I can remember the small to this day. So if you guys post pics and I see the box his cigars came in maybe I will remember what it was he smoked and can request a recipe to make that flavor. Because I would give just about any body part to be able to make that tobacco into a vape.

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He said he did try some import tobacco that was very good, and did provide the kick, but it turned out to be almost $100 a lb (vs the $23 lb I was spending for my bulk ‘house’ tobacco). So, it turned out to be virtually the same price he was paying for his Camels. Then spending the time at the machine, rolling…then cutting off the filters (LOL).

I’d like to find / make a vape that would satisfy his required taste / kick. It’s a tough sell, getting a hard core smoker to make the switch. I’m not sure there’s a more ‘brand loyal’ group out there.

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Maybe we’ll luck out and someone will have a cigar box that you’ll recognize.

:pensive: my son still smokes Camels…and vapes when he can’t smoke.

I set him up with a Sigelei VW box, Goliath V2 and some damn fine juice…loves it, but still smokes!


That Sigelei VW, is that the 150W? If so I still use mine to this day. Even with DNA200 devices and various iPV mods all running Ti. I love that Sigelei. It is a real work horse.

My Mother said he smoked pipes as well. I vaguely remember a pipe stand. But he never smoked while we were there. I mainly just remember the cigar boxes. And I have searched and searched for pictures of cigar boxes but nothing is jogging my memory so far.

A breakthrough. My mother just texted me and said he smoked Home Made cigars. I told her I didn’t think he rolled his own cigars. And she said “No that was the brand”. Here she is!

And the pipe tobaccos he smoked was cherry flavored. I am asking all relatives if they remember what brand that was. But not having any boxes around for people to remember, I doubt I will find this one. And sadly, I am guessing that is the main smell that filled his house that I remember so well.

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Yeah, I saw that. My Mother said she actually has a bunch of the boxes in her garage.

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