Tobacco sweetner

Hey all, I made a recipe that I really like the flavor. Although, it is very dry IMO. What would you suggest to add some sweet and some thick/mouthfeel to the mix? TIA
The recipe is 4% flv Native, 4% tobacco Hangsen, and 1% silver blend Euroflavours.


4% Native flv??
You might try cutting that way way down…

but personal preferences…

My usage for Native is .4% to .6% as it is a rather stout tobacco. I haven’t tried it with your other tobaccos, so hard for me to tell what is drying it out.

Marshmallow for mouth feel…
Maple, butterscotch and or caramel for sweet… even cotton candy

Some fruits help like fig, banana and even strawberry

Nuts are good too like praline, pistachio and coconut…

Maybe another one of our tobacco peeps can tell you more…


If you make your flavor stash public, it would be easier for others to work with what you have.
Just go to your stash and check the box “Allow others to see my stash”.


I would consider using Flavorah Sweet and Smokey Tobacco. "Another epic tobacco offering that will be sure to please tobacco lovers. This has a great balance of smokey and sweet just like the name says without being too ashy. Give this flavor a try with FLV Smoked Butterscotch or your favorite RY4 recipes. A stickier carmelized tobacco note has hints of raisin and maple smoke, not ashy or harsh. Blends well, but has enough body to stand as the featured note in a complex tobacco flavor recipe. "
Could also check out Brown Sugar and Caramel Candy flavors.


Thanks for tips. I will try cutting the strength. I’ll also put sweet and smoky on my list. I’ll make my flavor stash public as well. Thanks again.


I work a lot with tobaccos and fusion mixes (As I call them, fruits and tobaccos blends and so forth, crossing our world with NETs)…
But I sub @anon84779643 with “Native @4%?” definitely not!

My range is not Smoky’s .4%, more of 1% (I repeat: my range, not yours, or Smoky’s) but still, 4% is way out, not needed, that, with the HS that high is what gives you an harsh taste, that’s probably why you’re looking for some sweetness.

I agree that MM or Meringue would will give you some sweetness and mouthfeel, but I’d work on the base first.

I personally would add some Red Burley (.75 to 1) I’d lower by 1% the HS Tobacco.

From here it depends on your aim:
Smokey? FLV sweet and smokey or TPA/FA oak wood and the like.
Cured? FLV Oak Barrel or TPA/FLV Bourbon
Both tips will give you some deeper and richer taste to your mix.

Only now I would look for some richness and would add MM, .5% if FLV, it’ll also give you some caramelized taste.

My 2 cents…


I like adding a bit of Toffee, good with mouthfeel and sweetness.


Thanks so much y’all. Great advice!