Tobeco YEP clone

Hello I recently got my first rda the other day and have some questions.

  1. I screwed up the orings on the deck and now with the orings I’m having to use it sits kinda loose. Anyone know the size?
  2. I am running duel clapton coils at .3ohms for flavor and I must say the taste is so much better than my delta 2 it’s crazy. I built it with the coils kinda high at about the top of the posts but how should I position the airholes?
  3. Should my cotton wrap under the coils or just rest on the deck?
  4. How much juice do you add? The deck well is pretty deep should I fill that up or just saturate the cotton/coils?
    Any help would be much appreciated.

I’ve heard of people wrapping dental floss in the o-ring grooves to help with loose fitting caps.

I swear by claptons for best flavor/vapor… as for the airholes, place them in front of the coil… if the coils are higher than the air holes… it’s okay to get airflow underneath the coils. You can also insert something into the coils and bend them down to be level with the airholes.

Extend your cotton deep into the juice well. Try not have the cotton touching the underside of the coil. You’ll get more air to the coil producing more flavor/vapor.

Me personally, I put in all the juice it can hold… as long as it doesn’t leak.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will be trying the dental floss trick. As for the airholes what’s better for flavor level with the coil or above…right now I’d say it is right about in the middle of the air holes. My cotton is how you mentioned. How long do they stay good for? In my Delta 2 they usually last about 2-3days depending on if I do them right or not…Only thing I don’t like on the rda is I’m a chain vaper and that seems kinda hard to do with this LOL. With the much better flavor I think I’ll have to change my vaping style.

The closer you can get the air holes to the coils, the better.

I change my cotton when I sense a change in flavor. A lot of it is depent on the juice.

I used to be strictly vape rdas. Now I mostly vape tanks. The newer style tanks closely resemble the flavor/vapor of an rda… some are better than certain rdas. This way I can still chain vape with little effort.

Yhea with my delta 2 I fill a room up quickly cuz I can chain vape it. The difference to me in flavor is Huge.Dont get me wrong the flavor in the delta was very good bUT nother lIke this.I can explain it like this.I couple months ago I got some FW fruit rings and it didn’t taste horrible but did kinda taste stale. I made some today and tried it on my YEP and the stale taste is gone and it tastes very similar to the cereal now.

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I don’t own a Delta 2 and don’t know how it vapes. My favorite is the Goliath, Crown and Billow v2. They all deliver a RDA experience with vapor and flavor. The Goliath for is top dog. I don’t miss my RDAs at all with these tanks. If you’re getting into RDAs now, take a look at the Velocity. It’s the hottest tank out right now.

Well I broke down after not finding the right oring size and bought a zephyrus this weekend. Took a couple trys getting the coils to fit right but we’ll worth the $. The flavor is alot better than the Delta 2 and am amazed I can chain vape at around 35 - 40 watts. TY New Drip for the help and info u provided me. Just wondering has anyone tried making oval shaped coils I think they would fit better on the small deck of some of these tanks. Just a thought.

Oval sounds good… but keep the chimney into consideration. Sometimes I have to push the coil down to get the chimney on. I’m glad u like the Zephyrus.