Today is a good day

since I started DIY I’ve been searching online for a recipe for a juice my local vape shop made called Streach…

only clue I had is they got the recipe from somewhere else it wasn’t their recipe… And it had about 10 flavors in it and Marshmallow was one.

I think this might be the Streach ive been looking for ??

3.00% The Flavor Apprentice - Whipped Cream
2.00% FlavourArt - Marshmallow
2.00% Jungle Flavors - Strawberry, Sweet
1.50% Jungle Flavors - Honey Peach
1.00% FlavourArt - Vienna Cream
0.50% Capella - Super Sweet
0.50% FlavourArt - Fresh Cream
0.50% FlavourArt - Liquid Amber
0.50% Inawera - Cactus
0.30% FlavourArt - White Peach

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