Today's shopping expeditions

Well, spending the afternoon looking at Fastech.
Looking at box mods that take one (1) 18650 battery and have a recessed 510 connection. Found a few I like that are Tiny. Seems my Cloupor (s) are the tiny-est. Wish I could find a mini mod with a recessed and spring-loaded 510 connection. Tired of adjusting it on my Cloupor (s).

  1. Cool Fire IV Styled 40W $35.37,
  2. Cool Fire IV Styled 40W $39.79 (not very recessed 510 connection.
  3. Pioneer4You iPV Mini 5-30W $45.88 (not recessed but bumped out 510 connection.
  4. Eiffel 50W 2000mAh VW Variable Wattage Wood APV Box Mod $41.91 (Love this one. Not recessed 510 connection, but It’s wooden, pretty and it’s very tiny.

Top - fill tanks are the big thing these days. Looking at the Kanger Unitank that is now topfill:

Yesterday I found out that Nickel is unsafe for coils. So, I’m going to get Titanium wire. I’m not placing any orders today, just putting things in my wishlist. I’m still waiting to get a lost package from Fastech. I think they are re-sending my order. The first one reached the US, but then got lost. Tracking said “cannot locate” or something like that. Luckily I paid via Paypal and so I filed a complaint there saying I do not want to pay for something until and if I receive it! I’m also still waiting to hear from USPS to get a refund for a package that got stolen out of my mailbox in May. (((No, I’m not claiming and keeping stuff))). I’m honest. I have a very good idea about who stole the MFS package in May. Well, I just made up for that this week and got four I-Taste v3.0 for half price off $17.90 each.! That is an amazing price. Even Fastech charges about $32 for I-Taste (s). You know the square volt and watt adjustable batteries. I’m amazed. love to use them in the car or when I go out to the chicken pen. Here’s a photo of some

of my babies. Love my chickens.