Toffee? Anyone do it right?

Us Irish like a lick of liquor in ours :smiley: hehe, not always! We get all the English toffees over here too, always remind me of Christmas, we’d always have a big box of toffees in the house :smiley:


@Maureeenie @Uncaged
Much the same here in Bonnie Scotland, the sugar capital of the world! LOL
May not be good for our health but the dentists are rich! LOL
Funnily enough a few years ago whilst in America I tried English Toffee and I was disappointed as it didn’t taste anything like English toffee? Much like the flavourings available?
Must be something else added or not? But it is different?
I still think a lot of the taste profile is down to how the mouth is coated with the sweet creamy goodness?
Almost molasses / butter like ?
Actually chewing, sucking a piece as I type this.LOL

I had similar experience with sweets and cereals in the States. They tend to use a lot of sweetener, where actual sugar is more common over here. I don’t use sweetener in my recipes now outside of marshmallow and meringue, I find they offer a more natural sweetness, where the others give that diet coke type of ‘sweet’. Maybe try some marshmallow? FA’s is really good.

One of my mates is a mad Scot btw :smiley: he’s from Ayrshire, I think? because I can barely understand him half the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Have to agree!
I am a big chocolate lover and I just don’t get American chocolate? To me it tastes of the cheap, artificial chocolate we get here?
Really don’t see the fuss over Hershey bars?
Sorry my American cousins! LOL
What do yo mean you don’t understand him? LOL
We do tend to speak very fast and when you throw in our own words then it’s understandable that we aren’t understood at times? LOL
I have to make a conscious effort when conversing with a non Scot, in speaking, to me anyway, slower and watching that I don’t use Scots words! Lol

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…and @Uncaged you guys are right about sugar everything here in the US, it’s bad :slight_smile:

You know… I’m thinking your both right though…what if it is a molasses and liquor note missing from the toffee flavoring from the vape flavoring?

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…and butter!

Yeah there’s a distinct buttery note to many toffees over here, hence why I use butterscotch, and the caramel just ramps up that stronger, toffee note.

@Chewy, I’m just kidding on the accent :smiley: He does have quite a thick Scot’s one alright, but I’m well used to it by now. Whenever I’m abroad people have trouble understanding me! :smiley:


I spent three years in Germany and I can definitely say I agree with you on our chocolate in America…

What about this then?

TOC’S Toffee Crunch

1.25% Butter Cream (CAP)
3% Butterscotch (FA)
2% Caramel (FA)
2% Fresh cream (FA)
1% Jamaican Rum (FA)
5% Molasses (Real Flavors)

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Oh my, that looks good. I have everything but the Molasses but I can fix that…

Have you tried this recipe?

no I was asking before I did hon. Not sure if Jama rum will give that “boozy” touch though because it really doesn’t hit me that way?

Oh whoops…sorry… I was thinking the percentage of the rum was a little high? The Molasses looks a bit high as well if it’s strong flavoring? Looks like a good recipe though.

That molasses is the VG based one. I used it at 10% in a tobacco recipe so was cutting it here?

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Oh… ok. Then 5% probably isn’t too bad at all!

Cool, thanks. I’ll knock down the Jama too. I wonder though if I should use the Cognac from INW instead if booze is what might help?

That sounds good too!

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Let me know for sure! It sounds awesome!

Yes European chocolate is very different, in a good way.
The Belgian chocolate especially is just heavenly creamy chocolate nirvana!
I would urge all Americans to give it a try!

That looks a very nice recipe?
Haven’t got the molasses or rum but they will be on the list!
Maybe a bit of raisin with it would be nice?

If I was looking to replicate toffee I would be looking at different butters to emphasise the smooth varying layers of dairy that would coat the mouth, caramel, brown sugar, molasses, vanilla and a nice sweet cream?
It is not something I have given much thought to, until now, so I guess I should start my next flavour quest? LOL

Yes I knew you were joking so no worries!


I have had Belgian chocolate, nothing like it on earth. My sisters ex’s mother used to bring it back from Germany for us at Christmas.

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I have a friend in Switzerland that sends me chocolate. It’s so… so… so wonderful!


The first Chocolate Vape I found that I DO enjoy:
Toffee Dream Cream FW
Caramel IWA
Chocolate FA

I think I used IWA, maybe MF or a combination of the two.
But, anyway… I’ve tried about 6 different chocolate ejuice (s) and this is the first that I really like and I do like it yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sorry I don’t have specific percentages for you. I just keep them pre-steeped and put them together in a bottle and/or in my tank. This one I first mixed in my tank, and it was so good, I put it in a bottle. I just do it by feel. of course, you’d use a lot less of the chocolate than you would the caramel. If someone can make a recipe and post it… please do. Of course, you guys have probably already made this mix. Just thought I’d go ahead and post about it because truly… I am picky and don’t like hardly any chocolate vapes I’ve tried (this far), except this one.