Toffee? Anyone do it right?

I’m kind of having an issue finding a toffee that actually tastes like a toffee… here’s what I’ve tried so far

Health Cabin Toffee and TPA’s English Toffee

I too am having trouble. It’s an interesting flavor that relies a lot on texture to really pass as authentic. FW has a Toffee flavor that I’ve had a little more success with but I’m still fiddling. Caramels and Butterscotches are needed to really set this flavor off I feel.


I’m looking for a good Toffee, too! I’ve tried FW Toffee Dream Cream, but it’s def. too nutty IMO. Not bad though, but too nutty - even on mesh.

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OOO has a toffee butter I’m wondering if ya mixed it with TDC FW if it would make it more realistic both are good as mixers but not as the main profile. I also have LA’s Natural toffee it too is so so thou compared to those.

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TFA butterscotch and TFA caramel original tastes like english type toffee to me. I made a werther’s mint type mix using them. I really like butterscotch so used a lot, but as a toffee base I would try 6/1 butterscotch/caramel. For example 3% butterscotch, 0.5% caramel.


Yesterday I ordered German Flavors Toffee from Vapers Tek after looking at reviews of several different brands of toffee. I saw comments like “Very buttery and creamy tasting, a true toffee flavor. Rich… sweet… a lot of ‘body’.” [edit: these be the words of Pro_Vapes]

So I ordered it. It should arrive by next Saturday and find its way into a mix by Sunday, and a week later my wife (the toffee judge) will deliver her verdict!

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I’ve gotten it to taste bakery like in a cookie base but no, never have been able to get that one right.

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I got that review from the Vaperstek website. I don’t think I ever got around to using it tho. I just got Amoretti’s English Toffee and the finger taste was very good. I mixed a standalone yesterday. I’ll do a standalone of GF Toffee to test the two side-by-side. I’ll report back in a week or two.


I like the toffee butter too. I’m not so keen on the English toffee

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I wonder if that would work for FA’s Caramel and butterscotch hmmmmm

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I’ll be doing similar next time. I have FA butterscotch and TFA Caramel original. I did it last time with 7% TFA butterscotch and 1% caramel, in a mint toffee mixture. It turned out pretty nice, TFA caramel is fairly strong. Not sure how FA’s caramel compares? They’re butterscotch might be a bit stronger so I’d probably go 5/1

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What is your favorite butterscotch? I love that flavor but I struggle with getting it to work without overpowering everything else in the mix.

Only tried the 2 so far, I like TFA’s, not tested FA’s enough yet, will be using it later today though as it happens :slight_smile:

I found TFA’s pretty nice, if a little on the weak side. Found I needed to use 5%+ to really get what I wanted, but then I really like that buttery toffee butterscotch taste to begin with. Planning on trying a few others along the way.

Let me know how it goes with FA for sure. I tried what I believe was Delosi when I started mixing and that wasn’t good. I would love to get a nice butterscotch to work well!

I love FA’s Butterscotch BUT I add sweetener to all of my mixes so I think that helps LOL

That’s a vote for FA for sure, I use a lot of marshmallow for sweetener… I’m too fussy maybe :slight_smile:

Toffee flavour to me very rich buttery sugar goodness! Lol
A lot of the flavour profile, for me, is the waxy almost greasy mouthfeel?

Depends, there’s many different types of toffee, but the better stuff should be rich, buttery, caramel tasting. At least the better Irish & UK toffees are. A touch of brown sugar in there sometimes too.

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As a Brit I may be biased but we do have the most luxurious creamy toffee! Lol


I actually believe that, my father was 1/2 Welsh and 1/2 Irish he loved good toffee.