Tomorrow is The Big Day (first DIY batch) and Need Some Help

Hi everyone!

We’ve taken delivery of our scale, some ‘borrowed’ items from my wife’s job :wink: for mixing and measuring, as well as our orders for VG/PG/Nic/Flavorings.

Just some basic questions that need some answers if anyone can help?

  1. After mixing everything together (these first recipes will be shorter steeping recipes), would I add nic also or hold off until closer to vaping?

  2. I have a friend who recommends after the mixing is done, leave the liquid uncovered for a day (de-gassing, is that what it is called?), then add nic, cover the liquid and take it to the dark/cool confines of a closet to begin steeping… sound correct?

  3. During the steeping period…
    covered or uncovered?
    shake or leave it be?

I think that’s all I can think of currently… thanks for reading!

  1. Short steep or not - add nic if you want either while mixing , after mixing or before you vape it is a personal preference

  2. Tell your friend he is wrong (imho) seal it up and leave it alone or you will lose some flavour.

  3. See 2 seal it up and leave it as long as you have given it a good shake while mixing


As @woftam says.
It took me to long (about half of a hour) to compose this message :joy:

Its up to you. I steep it with nic but you can add it later if you want.

IMO Leaving liquid uncover for a day is not a good idea because some of flavour molecules will escape from the bottle.
Dark/cool closet sound right but again i never do it. In fact as cooler the place the more steep time need. If it is not right under the sun or UV exposure their is no problem.

Shake it when you finish mixing and then just leave it be. Liquid moleculs will flow all around the bottle by its selfs if it is not in cold place.


Always close your bottles after mixing, never open, to lessen lost of flavor

Close your bottle of mix and shake it long and hard (…) before you steep

I add my nicotine after steeping, when my mix is ready to vape. Might not be exact %, but it works for me. But this comes down to personal preference. If you want exact Nic %, then you should add Nic when you mix.


i agree 100pct with @woftam on all three answers… personally on a short steep like 5 to 7 days ( which is rare ) for me ill add nic right after . If i know im steeping for a long time ill usually leave NIC out until about a week b4 vaping , i do like to give the nic a couple days to meld into the vg . I only do this to ensure i get no hot spots


It depends @SCutshall. As far as the NIC adding, I’ve done it both ways. Typically I DO add the NIC upon mixing unless I know the mixes will be sitting for and extended time.

As far as the off-gassing, I’m not a fan of this, as if flavor molecules are LEAVING your bottle, they’re leaving your JUICE, which equals less flavor.

I always leave my bottles capped, for reasons above.


You can add nic after you steep and still be exact. Just go back to your recipe and check how much of your nic base you didn’t add. The calculator does all the work for you.


Just because a friend in real life said to leave the caps off you may need a ton of folks to say otherwise…

Do what you want, but for me I haven’t left the cap off to intentionally off gas and I have mixed for three years. So I wouldn’t recommend it based on experience.

As for nic, yup…as it when you want to. It may be easier to add when you are mixing rather than just before vaping.

I would recommend two things. Mix smaller batches. 15 or 30mls with a higher recommendation to mix 15ml or 10ml. I can’t count how many people who come back asking to fix 120ml batch. You may find a couple of your mixes unworthy to vape…even after you decide to steep something for 4 weeks.

One other recommendation. Type in a few of your recpies here in this thread. The commmunity can take a look and warn you if something looks alittle off.


Did anyone already tell you to not leave your juice in the open and breathe?
Just close that cap after mixing and leave it that way until you’re ready to vape :wink:


Welcome !!
I think this was mentioned, The Cap also goes on your concentrate after you are finished using it/them for your %'s and also personally I also have tried the “Cap off your finished product” versus leaving the Cap on your finished product for me cap off also made finished product very weak due to the fact that all those Flavor molecules just escaped (gassed) out. Even the Concentrates that contain alcohol, leave the lid on and shake the finished bottle like a Mad Man until you see all those tiny bubbles floating around in your bottle of finished juice. Then let it sit 24 hrs. Shake the hell out of it, drip it or however you choose to Test your E-juices and see how you like it. If you like it after 24 hrs. Then enjoy your juice. If not, back in the closet/dresser drawer it goes. Wait a couple more days then repeat the process over again. Only till you Love or Like what you mixed then Vape Away. If you’re going to be mixing fruits only, they may be ready for you to enjoy immediatly or maybe a couple of days. If you’re going to add creams to your fruits then let your mix steep a bit longer so the cream has time to blend well with your fruits. Just remember cap on as much as possible, shake as often as you like (looking for those tiny bubbles always) then test, if you’re tasting a really nice (to your taste buds, nobody elses taste buds) strawberries & cream Recipe. Vape Away !! remember when you’re adding creams, making custards (especially custards) it takes much longer. for in example custards to reach there full potential could be weeks, months etc…also depends on how how much custard your mixing with. These are only examples according to my own personal opinion on what has and is working for me.
@SCutshall one very important I could not stress enough is: #1 Read as much as you can and then when you think you figured it out Read yet even more on this forum side of ELR
#2 List your Concentrates in the recipe side under “My Stash” be sure to type your Concentrates correctly into your stash,it will help you and help us to help do our part of keeping everything nice and organized. I really emphasis on this, as I’m sure 99.9 % of everybody that’s here really appreciate it doing that (if you have a question about which pop up of the flavor your trying to list to click on to add to your stash) if you’re not sure about the database of flavors and which one matches the one you are attempting to add to your stash via the database. Stop !! Come over here back to the forum side and please ask in a post which one from that specific drop down list you will need to click on in order to add it correctly in the database. Someone will answer your questions about that, just please ask and not assume. I’m not trying to sound like a jerk, but the database that lists your Concentrates is more or less ours and your Flavor Bible (so to speak) and very much appreciated, especially for the hard working folks here that are diligently working to keep our Database properly organized. Plus, it’ll help you to understand your concentrate and have the ability to read other peoples notes on the correct Concentrates that you will be working with.
Also, if you would like click the check box where it says"make stash public" this way there is a reference point for all to see and better assist you with any possible issues you may be having with your Mix. Ask any questions you like, keep your recipes nice and simple at first. There are 2 & 3 Flavor Recipes that are simple and banging good ADV’s to keep you vaping while you’re learning, Reading & asking questions.
Good Luck to you as you enter the “twilight zone” or better known as the bottomless Rabbit Hole of DIYing. Mainly enjoy yourself, enjoy saving lots of money by not having to buy the commercial juices again and also the money your now saving by not smoking Tobaccos and the Life your saving by making the switch from smoking (if that’s the case) to Vaping. It’s now, after close to 2 yrs of staying off of the smokes thanks to Vaping that DIYing has recently changed from a “need to vape to keep off the smokes” to “A Hobby, which helps keep your mind sharp and your wallet full of money” unless of course you have a significant other that assumes it translates to more money for her to access. LoL
There are lots of folks here that are just plain & simple the best of the absolute best when it comes to the art of mixing. What’s cool is some of these folks had little to no knowledge about DIYing, just like Me & You but they had the passion to get healthy & save money. They started like us and they freely share there experience and knowledge with us. Another good practice for me at least was when something someone typed here on the forum that peaked my interest or answered some specific questions, look at the bottom of your post and you’ll see a edit, bookmark and other neat little things. Click that bookmark under the specific post and it’ll be saved to your (click your Avatar) little bookmark so you’ll always have access to that information that is significant to you at anytime you need to read it compared to searching the forums aimlessly (speaking from experience on this) it helps me and I offer my miniscule experience to possibly make your stay productive and enjoyable. Ok I’ll shut up now. Lmao
BTW I see we’re practically neihbors, me being one State South of ya. Also was checking out your website, so far I’ve read the about part of it and find it to be totally awesome, and your only 2 yrs older than me. That alone made me feel young and rejuvenated. LOL
Heading back over to your website. Gotta a old friend and classmate that’s still up in NY he is also a avid Jazz Musician. Awesome dude too


Don’t sweat it too much Scott. You got through those harrowing times when you first started vaping, and you can handle this too.


Yeah…uncapped=no bueno mi amigo! As for adding nic, personally I add it to the mix right from the git–go. But after I’ve done the ol finger tip taste test.

You should encourage your friend to pay a visit to the forums here. He would likely learn a few things and be able to make better informed recommendations. :wink:


Leaving the cap off was only recommended for flavors containing alcohol as the carrier, but I think this was very early on in the DIY days.

Now, not so much. There is so little alcohol in some of these flavors that any empty space in your bottle, will allow the alcohol to evaporate anyway, so no need to leave the cap off once done mixing.


Very interesting replies. I’ve read numerous times that the steeping process doesn’t begin until the nic is added.


It does steep just differently. The steep time increases and the result can vary. Same for juices steeped with nic, but at different nic, ratios.


If a juice is to be steeped for months rather than weeks, it’s probably best to add it later since it will degrade in potency over time. But for ‘regular’ steep intervals, does it really make a difference?


in my opinion not really besides additional or shorter steep time. I have several juices that I constantly mix for my husband and friends and the steep time varies.

Same recipes just different nic levels. (0,1,6,9,11,17mg) and then there’s also a difference in my opinion about free base or salts being used.

My 0mg juices do taste just like the ones with the nic, but I have longer steep time in comparison to the nic juices. It’s mostly 1 additional week in comparison. Otherwise they taste very watery/flat.

Nic definitely seem to speed up that process I agree with that, but it’s wrong to believe in my opinion that juices without nic won’t steep. Or the process won’t start.

Based on that otherwise there’s not much of a difference during regular steep. Adding it prior or after doesn’t really matter (potency wise) but the taste will change imo. Juices with added nic at the end taste much “fresher”. And it increases/decreases steep time/lifespan even with juices that only need a regular/short.

That’s why I recommend always adding it at the end, but to be honest if somebody doesn’t taste that difference, or is a little impatient, then by all means throw it in during the process.


Just another opinion for you, but I like to add the nic right from the go. I like to be able to sample/taste the ‘finished’ liquid during the steep process. I say that too probably because I have never done it any other way :grinning:

As for your friend, don’t they know there’s a chance the magical unicorn tears may evaporate if left open :sunglasses:

Edit: Finished may not have been the correct word - maybe ‘complete’ recipe???


I’ve always read that the more diluted your nic is, the longer it’ll last. Or higher % nic goes bad faster. With that in mind, I’d assume that nic in your juice will be better off than nic in your nic base bottle. Always depends on how you store your nic base of course. If it’s in the freezer it should be safe.

I have my big containers of nic in the freezer, always keep a 100ml bottle of 72mg/ml nic with my concentrates in a drawer @ room temp. Never have a problem with it (takes me nearly a year to finish it), As long as your steeping juice is in a dark place, not exposed to air, light or heat, a juice can steep for a very long time before going bad.


Regardless, for me anyway if I am going to shelve a mix for a year, I’d rather add the long-term freezer stored nic a year later than at the time of the mix. Unless someone has conclusive data one way or the other, I’m not convinced room temp storage will keep as well as frozen storage.