Too Hard Throat Hit

Hello ELR.

I just testet out the Boss Reserve Clone by Folkart.
Though I made it like this.

0.5 AP TPA
1.5 Banana Cream TPA
0.25 Biscuit INA
1.5 Milk&Honey FLV
0.5 Hazelnut FW

70 VG - 3mg

When I tasted it after 10 days, it has a little to crazy throat hit, almost harsh.
I am new in DIY, so i wondered what of these flavors can do this ? Haven’t had any other juices be so hard on my throat.

So can anybody who knows these flavors point out the guildy one?


I’m not really clear about the “70/30 VG”, but I’m guessing that means that your mixing ratio is 70% PG, 30% VG.

Could be a few things.

  1. Check your basics. Meaning: mix up your normal VG PG and nic without using flavors.
    If you still have the problem it could be the Nic or the PG.

  2. If the problem still exists in step 1, you know it’s not the flavoring. Perhaps you have an aversion to high PG ratios. Some of us do. You can figure out if it’s the Nic by removing the Nic, and just mixing up some VG and PG and repeating step 1.

If it turns out that the VG PG and nic are ok in step 1, then I would test the FW hazelnut first. That particular flavor is very good, but does cause issues for me with a throat irritation.

If it turns out that omitting the Nic in step 2 fixes the problem, then you may have “bad nic” (whether it’s oxidized, or just not the right mic for you).

If you still have problems after testing step 2 (VG and PG only) then it is most likely that you have a PG sensitivity.

If you pass both steps 1 and 2 without a problem, then you NEED to do single flavor testing! Because no one is going to be able to tell you what your body is or is not going to like/tolerate.
Sure, we can guess all day, and relate what affects US, and then commiserate about how we can’t use an otherwise good flavor… But that doesn’t do the work for you, that only you can find out! :wink:

Hope this helps, and welcome to ELR!


@Cloudie1 if you are in fact mixing it with 30% VG then that could well be your throat hit right there. If you are mixing it 70% VG I got nothin that sparky hasn’t already mentioned


Ups. 70 VG :slight_smile: I have editet it now

Well the nic and vg pg seems all fine with my other mixes made the same day.
hmm, might go through the flavours, starting hazelnut. I had an idea it would be that or the AP ?


No experience with Hazelnut but I’d try knocking down the AP by half and see if that helps. Speaking off the cuff here but might be a combo of AP and Hazelnut that’s giving you the harshness. AP at too high can make something harsh and others say the same about Hazel… while neither of yours would be something I consider too high… maybe the combo?? Again… just a guess.


I will single flavor Hazelnut and AP :slight_smile: Yeah maybe if I had only followed the recipe, even though it called for 1% AP; but maybe without Hazel it would had been all right.


The throat hit actually fades out after a taking some vapes.


I haven’t actually had any throat hit issues with those flavors, and like similar mixes in fact. I have noticed since using my reserve bottle of VG 100mg nicotine it’s a little more throaty, than usual but not by much.


Depending on the age of the flavors, that could be an issue as well. Some of my older flavors, that came from a shitty vendor with horrible lpde bottles, started to get harsh. I didnt know that at the beginning, but a reason i re bottle everything upon arrival, in most cases. Check that this doesnt apply to you, as well as the date.

If your nicotine is not stirred, or some suggest shaking it, enough this can create hot spots (not just in vg) that can be harsh.

Your setup is another thing that could be a factor, old coils, cotton, too restricted, too much airflow, too hot, too cold yada yada. Some people dont realize that certain profiles can be affected by this. Not every juice works with the same hardware or settings.

You should single flavor test all of them, i personally know that i am very sensitive to certain types of flavors. Honey being one as example, soothing to some, throat razors too me. Milk and honey, while its an excellent flavor, you might be reacting to it and might have to lower it.

Hazelnut could be a other, but at .5% i highly doubt that, unless you have like me a nut allergy and FW actually using nuts or whatever that could trigger it. But then again, mostly not indicated by throat hit.

Plenty of other factors still could play a role here, as others said, test your bases by itself, every single flavor and then mix this recipe in steps, to see which flavor might not react well with the others, if all the other methods showed no result.

Storage and steep is important as well, especially if you tried “heating” a mix or some other methods people try very often, result could be harshness. Take a look at how you mix.


That’s your throat becoming acclimated.

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Tommorow I will mix up each single flavor.
How does these % sound:

Banana Cream - 4 %
Hazelnut - 1.5 %
Milk Honey - 2.5 %
Biscuit - 2 %
AP - 1 %

Dont ask about why I picked these numbers :stuck_out_tongue:

The Nic is only 20mg boosters shaked before used, produced 10/2018.
All the flavors came from Chefs Flavours and are bought around 2 months ago or less.
Setup is hadaly with 3x28-38 Nicrome .33
Lowering the wattage did help a bit it seems.
Steeped with patience and no short cuts, in glass bottles :slight_smile:

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I have a hazelnut its pretty harsh …kind of like cinnamon…but i haven’t used it yet …??? No help here just my 2 cents worth …good luck.


Could read:


Biscuit (if INW) @ 2% will be about all you’ll taste. IMO .5% is too strong for an accent. For a SFT you’re plenty good at 1% according to my tastebuds.

Then again I never make cookies… just stuff that has a crust.