Too many flavors? (Pods)

Hello everyone, I’m new to diy and was just wondering if I should stick to one or two flavors when using the Caliburn G pods? Im currently looking to order a recipe that has 5 different flavors. Is it worth spending the money on complex recipes for these pod vapes?


Welcome to the forum, BeeLz. In my opinion, pod coils have come a long way in a couple of short years and the Caliburn G is known as one of the most flavorsome ones. I now treat pods as just another MTL device and mix accordingly. For me, that just means keeping the flavor percentages on the high side. Don’t be intimidated by those who say that pods are inferior and just for beginners. I mostly vape on several MTL devises, both RDA’s and RTA’s, but not a day goes by when I’m not using my Caliburn G for a stealth approach. I use the same juice for all MTL devices.


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I use the G and as @CCS said, they have come a long way with pod coils and can be treated like any other MTL device and is most especially great for stealth or yard work or any kind of work for that matter.

I am curious about the above statement. Do you know you don’t have to purchase recipes here?
This recipe is quite good in the Caliburn G or the first Caliburn. I chose this recipe because it has 5 or more concentrates.
Uhura’s Reach Around🌟 (inspired by Tortured Zen) :’s%20Reach%20Around🌟%20(inspired%20by%20Tortured%20Zen)

1.00% Butter Pecan (Purilum)
1.00% Cookie (Biscotto) (FA)
1.50% Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) (INAWERA)
1.00% Dragonfruit (TPA)
1.25% Holy Vanilla (DIYFS)
0.50% Raspberry (Malina) (INAWERA)
3.00% Raspberry Natural (LA)
2.00% Vanilla Custard (CAP)
2.50% Vanilla Custard Cheesecake (OOO)

Flavor total: 13.75%
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Thanks for the quick replies, you’ve answered my question. By ordering a recipe, I just meant ordering the flavors from the recipe. One more question, nic salts or freebase? I dont need a lot of nicotine its more for the kick in the chest you get when inhaling nic. I would be vaping 0mg nic but its just not satisfying, feels like im inhaling nothing.


If you’re vaping low nic juices and just want a little nic kick feeling, free base is the way to go since you’ll get practically no throat hit or “kick” from salts. Salts are more for those who want a big boost of nicotine in a couple puffs without that burning sensation that comes from a high concentration of free base nic.


You da man, Dan. Great recipe name :joy:


Even the old caliburn / looko has great flavour. I just wish that it was easier to rebuild or had cheaper pods.


I used this technique to drop to 5”6mg and it’s working well!

So yah I would not worry about a modern pod vape being too simple. Make a great recipe and enjoy.


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Welcome the the forum. I’m not a pod guy, but others have some good advice.


I only mix for a pod to vape in the dunny at work but I would say it’s not about the number of flavours but more about reducing layers and accents.
Nothing wrong with stacking the same fruit, say 2-3 strawberries. But I wouldn’t put 3 different fruits in the one mix.
Mostly I make fruit candy vapes for pods as I’ve also noticed that sour seems to be more present than at higher wattage.
I’d still average about 6 concentrates in pod recipes


Where do you keep your recipes? Also, what does #MHM mean?


I don’t think I made any of the pod recipes public. If your interested I’ll dig out a few examples, always happy to share!

This is the latest one I’ve been using in the Koko.

#MHM was from a YT mixing show Mixers Helping Mixers


Awesome, thanks bro.