Too much flavour?

hey all, i am fairly new to diying and i have found a funky monkey clone which i have pasted below, it seems it is 33.5% flavouring, this seems very high, do you think it will be ok?

Depending on how sweet you like your juice I use in this recipe 1 % Ethyl Maltol@10% (PG) dilution.
Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.
All TFA Flavors
16.5% Strawberry Ripe
7% Banana Cream DX
7% Kiwi
2% Sweet Cream

Looks a little high to me. I never go above 25% in my mixes and that is pushing it. I would start by taking the sweet cream down to 1.5%, I never put more than that in a mix because it has a tendency to overtake the flavor after steeping if I use more than that. Take the Strawberry to 12%, the banana and kiwi to 5% and try that.


thanks i will try that!


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There are those that swear by high percentages in a mix. Bless my wife’s heart, for her, 25% is sometimes not enough. I’m able to keep mine well below 20%. It sometimes depends on the flavoring you are using. Flavour Arts and Inawera, for example, are super concentrated and do not require a huge percentage in the mix to make the flavors pop in a vape. Research and trial and error will help you choose the proper percentage for your future mixes!

I’m using perfumers apprentice flavours i think i will try a small batch first and see how i get on, thanks for the replies guys

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I wish I could be of more help, but I don’t own a single flavor in the above recipe! But, you can look up how folks have used those flavors in other recipes with the ELR calculator. Good luck! ; )

I agree w/ @SunnyT. I started out adding extra Strawberry Ripe to my mixes and found out 12% usually ends up being the Max. IMO Strawberry Ripe needs some time to bloom in mixes (a week at least) then it comes on pretty good. I even smell the strawberry on my clothes after vaping and get comments on how good it smells by others around me.

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[quote=“Jimk, post:6, topic:25762, full:true”]… I don’t own a single flavor in the above recipe…

Really, no Strawberry Ripe? And here I was thinking that would be a flavor every DIYer from here to Gamma Quadrant would have :slight_smile:


Love eating them by the bushel basket; just don’t want to vape strawberry for some reason. It took me along time to go with any fruit flavors. I’m more of a pungent flavor vaper. Let’s me know I’m still alive. Sweet vapes are super low on my list.

I hear that. One of my favorite people in the world is more of a savory kind of person. I love savory as well…foodwise. But for the life of me I can’t see how he vapes the stuff he makes. Pizza, meatloaf, geez loise I don’t get it. But variety makes the world go round I suppose.


Might want to cut the flavors evenly by percentage. You could start by using half or 50 %. Total mix strength would be 1/2 of 33.5% or ~16.75 %.
So SR=8.25%, BC=3.5 etc…
From there, you could put your own twist on each flavor and add or subtract %'s from each flavor.