Too much juice

Hey guys, so I got my new RTA’s today. OBS engines, but I’ve also noticed the problem with other tanks at times and I’m not totally sure what the cause is.

So when vaping I get droplets or not vapour, the liquid and it can be bitter when I draw. It can be bitter coz of the nic.

My suspicions are that the wick is taking up too much juice. Before I have a go at tightening/choking up the wick. I was hoping a few of the experienced vapers could help. Save me the trial & error which would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Oh yes, it’s not like super hot spitting, just too much juice & condensing.

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I’m not experienced. Sometimes with the OBS engine, if you put too much juice in it, the first few draws will give more liquid instead of vapor. Might try not filling them to the brim and see how that goes. Also, when done poking the wick in the little holes, give them a good soak with juice but not necessarily to the point of it pooling on the juice tray. Hope that helped a bit.

Thanks Mate. Yeah I am still getting the issue even only half filling tank. And with other tanks as I said.From what your saying, it makes sense that its too much juice as i speculated. I get it with other tanks too. So it seems to be hte isuue.

Can others confirm. You end up vaping liquid not vapour if there is too much juice. Too solve choke the wicks, restrict juice flow, yes?

Have you tried increasing the power a bit To help boil off the juice that’s in the coil? I haven’t had any issues except when overfilling sometimes.

The best way to wick the the Engine is to do it like the user manual says. Wicks tucked and touching the bottom. When filling, fill to the left side of the hole and fill it to the max. Since it is unlike most RTAs there are no leak or vacuum issues. Over filling is actually a good thing. This is what I’ve read and experienced for myself.

Also after you fill you want to be cautious in your first few Vapes. The mouth full of fluid is notorious for this tank but it boils down to wicking and filling.

Thanks Guys, Yes reading the user manual might be a good idea. Cheers I’ll wick to the bottom that will chocke it more then i have it currently.

Yes, doesn’t really help. From my experience if the problem is occurring it doesn’t matter what the power.

When I frist starting wicking i did way too much and got terrible dry hits. That experience then got me to ease up. From reflection I’ve probably gone a bit too far to the loose side. I don;t remember any dry hits for a long while.

No-One tells you when you first start rebuildables that the art is not in the coils like you think it is. It is in the wicking. I would rather be a star wick man then a star builder. I could always do parallels or the like. Yes, perfect wicking is an art. I’ve done all the watching etc. I just got to get experience. PLus I use the “team Vape lab” stuff. Which i think is awesome when right. Utterly brilliant, best I’ve tried. Beating Rayon, Koh Gen Do, Kendo, etc. But it is hard to work with as it’s downfall. Not for beginners, and that in the scheme of things is what I am.

So I’m going to in my Vaping info book. Say that too much juice in mouth = too much juice in the coils. Nice pieces of engineering these beauties.

Try with the rayon stuff a heap in there. What I do is take that roll seperate it out then scottish roll it - I know I have enough rayon when I can just get it through the coil (to the point where I have to put a finger nail on the coil as i pull it through). Not that I have wicked the obs but I do have a couple of rta’s that spit back at me if I don’t wick em just right


Your wicking definitely could be the problem. However, as I gather from your posts, you’re probably using claptons (or variations) - I had the same problem, too moist vape, thick droplets covering my throat with juice. It’s the wire, mate :cry: at least in my experience. Give it a try with a regular wire and see if the problem persists - if yes --> wicking, if not —> prob. the clapton wire.

I suggest this to save you a lot of time messing with your wicking, because that stuff is complicated to nail down, everyone has their own description of how to do it but in the end you need to get the “feel” ™.

My 2c.

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Thanks guys. They are claptons but I dont normally have problems. I’ll try chocking the wick, follow manual, etc. Then coils. I’ll get to the bottom of it. I would not have though about coils so thanks for the tip.

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Ive never used the Engine before but I know that with my tanks, the drip tip is crucial. Of the tip has too small of an opening at its base, juice tends to build up in it and spits right into my poor innocent mouth (no comments please as I made it sound that way on purpose lol). So perhaps looking for a drip tip with a larger base opening might solve this for you as it did for me.


Do you have any links saved I could have a look at. It’s a 510 connector so I would have thought the base/bottom all the same. Perhaps a photo so I can see what you mean.

The tanks are at their half to bottom third full now not so noticeable. Got to choke the wick to deal with the full tank I reckon. I’ll try in the morning. Thanks all, much as grass e ass.

In my experience with the OBS engine, you need a bit more wick that you do with other RTAs, although not too much of course.
I have also found that it wicks perfectly when the wick is just below the bottom of the wicking holes, not all the way to the bottom.
What size (inner diameter) are your coils? If they are below 2.5mm you probably don’t have enough cotton.
Some of the Youtube reviews on the engine include wicking tutorials.

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@Volition Sorry Sir I do not. The drip tip I got was purchased at my local vape shop. Sorry.

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Can you take a photo? Please, just so I get an idea.

Yeah Ill take a pic for ya. Im about to sit down to build some coils so while I do that Ill snap a shot and post it for ya. Gimme about 30 minutes or so.

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Here ya go Sir. The left tip is my favorite with the wider base opening. The right one is pretty much what I see 90% of the time when I look at drip tips.

Hope you can see the difference. I know its a little dark with the black tip and all.

Wick the engine like you would a dripper. Don’t poke the wicks into the holes just lay them over it, it wicks like a charm then. I’ve experienced what you’re talking about but only on a few occasions when I filled it to the brim and was wicking down through the holes.

Getting conflicting advice now. I’ll try both on each and see which way is better.

@Henry4 thanks mate. Yeah very dark but I can see what you mean I think. So I’m looking for the biggest diameter hole at the bottom is that right? Nice alloy tip btw.

Yeah give it a go, it works brilliantly. A Scottish reviewer I watch suggested that method and I never have an issue with either of my engine tanks. He’s no RIP, but hey who is :wink:

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All of the above plays a roll in it, and the drip tip has a large part, but so does air flow.
You may not be getting enough air for proper combustion, so try opening it up some.

Since it is happening on multiple tanks, you may think it’s the same problem with all,
but that’s not necessarily true.

I have a bunch of drip tips, they are not created equal, no matter the price… Like a chamber, different diameter vs height makes a difference on combustion and flavor, the same is true for drip tips. One very good design (inside) is the Five Pawns drip tip, and one of the largest inside diameter for air, plus has a small flare at the tip.

Do you MTL or DTL, which has it’s own rules between them…using all of the info in this thread.

Give them some more air and try it…and it may not need much more.

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