Too much mint flavour, tastes like soap

Hi folks!
I made a huge mistake about two weeks ago. Made a batch of 900ml 9mg/ml juice with VapeBar Giggles(chocolate, caramel and wallnuts) and TFA’s Spearmint.
The Spearmint is so strong that I cannot vape it above 12W and leaves a bitter taste. just like soap does…if you ever tasted soap. I did.
There were 30ml of Giggles concentrate added on top of the 900ml VPG base, and 24ml of Spearmint.

Is there any way to tone down the spearmint?
I’d really hate myself for ruining 1 litre of juice.

Thank you!

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The only thing I can think of is to draw off a small amount of this mix, say 10 mils. Mix another 10 ml batch of this recipe exactly the same but leave out any spearmint. Then combine the two batches. Now you’ll have 20 mls of the over all recipe but with half the spearmint. If it’s still too much spearmint, try mixing another 20mls of the recipe, leaving out the spearmint and mix them together. That will give you about 40 mls of the same recipe with 1/4 the spearmint.

This method allows you to test what might work without wasting another liter of juice in case it doesn’t. Going forward, it’s always best to mix smaller amounts to make sure the recipe is good before mixing such large amount. Good luck.


@Mizzz_Z_Hobbit nailed it.
FWIW Tfa spearmint falls into the super concentrate category and only requires a few drops per 30 ml. I find it has a super sharp but bitter taste and I like to use it on top of fa spearmint @ 2 drops per 30 ml. To add some pop to the fa spearmint.
I added this to give you an idea of how much diluting you will need to do!


Yes indeed! Strongest spearmint known to mankind. It also does not like high vg mixes and will separate. Needs at least an 80/20 mix and 1-3 drops per 30ml.


Thank you all for answering!
I never bothered to test the mix since i’ve benn making this combo for about a year with various menthol, mint or arctic flavours. It never backfired.
I’ve already mixed a diluted test sample. Let’s see how it does.
If it’s all ok, i’ll order some base and nicotine to dilute the whole thing.
I figure 2-3 litres will last me some time…

P.S. It’s been mixed about three weeks ago in 50-50 pg-vg base. Hasn’t separated yet.


Now if it were me… I would cut the batch with what was left of 900 ML after flavors with VG and then add the other flavors back in to the original percentages you put in the first 900 ML of the other flavors… but that’s just me and that’s only if you honestly believe you will vape 1800 ML of that liquid in the next 6 months.

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Note taken.
I vape about 800ml-1000ml in three months. 1800 in 6 months fits quite nicely in that calculation.

All you are doing is saving your batch. I have had to do the same thing with a Strawberry Mint I vape a lot of , but my batch was smaller. 240 ML. I hope you don’t get that soap taste stuck in your head though and hate the mint you are using. My favorite mint is Capella Cool Mint. I use it at about 4% and it’s perfect for me personally. Nice and smooth.


I did the same thing the OP did and tried doubling the base but the spearmint was still too strong. I ended up with an enormous amount of still super strong spearmint liquid and ended up tossing it. What a waste but I learned that tfa spearmint is no joke.


It won’t separate with a pg vg mix. It will in vg only. It’ was one of the worst disasters I’ve ever made in this craft. I even tried using 2% distilled water to thin but it wasn’t gonna have it.

I’ve made plenty of those mistakes, sometimes you just have to dump it.

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(peper)mint is flavor I cant manage…at all!

Not even at 0.2%.

(yet I liked menthol cigs, years ago.) :wink:

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The batch has been saved.
I had to add another 150% nicotine base and the same amount of Cuckoo Milk.
It’s vapable now.
Thank You!

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