Too Sweet - Need Help to lower

Hey out there … still new to DIY … i have made a mix (100ml) and screwed the sweet level up… It is far too sweet… what can be added to counter-act the sweetness??? Or does it need to be diluted down :frowning:

Yes. He easiest way is to dilute by adding more vg pg and flavoring without adding sweetener. If adding sweetener is what you did


It would be easier to help the OP if they posted the recipe and explained in detail why it is too sweet. Overshot the recommended sweetener amount or the flavors themselves are too sweet? I personally rarely use any sweetener anymore other than 0.25% pyure in my fruit mixes. Not sure what I am going to do with the 45ml of tfa sweetener I have left…



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Add VG and Distilled Water. Once you do that add a little bit back of the flavorings you need in there to make it what you wanted it to be with no more syrup lol

Thanks for the reply guys … yep - dilution did the job ;-):sunglasses: