Toothpaste that can prevent Vapor's Tongue / Vapor's Fatigue ?!

Sure it sounds weird but somebody’s gotta post this shit. Having been dealt some recent dental issues, and a few complications, was advised by my Dentist to try a new toothpaste, along with a new fairly relaxed regimen. Have been using this stuff for quite a while now, and had a VERY curious result when I ran out, and switched back to a common colgate or something. Even after using this temporary replacement, common toothpaste, I started to notice a diminishing of flavor on my GO TO JUICE !!! What ??? Oh no, … is this the onset of vapor’s tongue ??

Maybe so. Raced out, and got my magical (dentist suggested) toothpaste, and within a day, the diminishing flavor went away. Hmmmmm, this is pretty interesting. After a week of my now favorite toothpaste, went BACK to the Colgate (or whatever it was), and dammit, after a day or two, here we go again. Wow, I think that about settles that.

Your mileage may vary as we are ALL different, and before I REVEAL this magical toothpaste, it does have Baking Soda in it, and some people say it has a slightly salty taste, but honestly I don’t even notice, and quite frankly even if it tasted like PURE salt, I’d keep using it, as I can vape whatever I want, as long as I want with not a single bit of muting, fatigue, etc.

I think I’ve kept you all in suspense enough, and if any of you are indeed BRAVE enough to try out this kick ass toothpaste (my dentist steered me away from most of the standard on the shelf choices and cited reasons), and you have similar or not similar results, please post back. It is not really any more expensive, doesn’t have any freakish ingredients like DIRT, MUD, or CLAY, so fear not.

Let’s just say, I have MANY boxes stacked up in the closet now. Sharing the knowledge my brothers and sisters, and your teeth/gums will thank you, as a side benefit.


Not taking the piss out of you (more of a j/k really).

But does anyone else wonder about dentist recommendations surely it would be in their interest to recommend the most useless stuff on the market


If I use Crest Pro-Health mouthwash, my vape and food doesn’t have much flavor for about a day.


Unga bunga. Why u no


Bam! Bam!


I’ll pick some up on the next trip to the store and give it a whirl. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion!


Here is what I use, it is pricey but i do notice the same thing you are mentioning. I cannot even remember the last time i had vapers tongue/flavor fatigue. Uncle harry’s also leave your mouth so clean that your teeth feel freshly polished by a dentist as well. Second pic shows the ingredients.


ooh. well, either

  1. something in the Arm and hammer protects against Vaper’s Tongue, or
  2. something in the regular toothpaste makes you more susceptible to vaper’s tongue . or
  3. it’s just a bunch of coincidences, orrrrr…
    … bugger it, that’s enough to be going on with for now .
    How about returning to your normal toothpaste, but supplement it with a baking soda mouthwash?
    that might help to narrow it down.
    any chance of a full iist of ingredients for both?

I use regular crest toothpaste and have excellent results it actually will cure vapers tongue for me, i pay special attention to brushing my tongue, water works as well, and then my jiuce tastes great again !


I would imagine some toothpastes would leave a coating on your tongue and gums that would inhibit taste?
Mouthwash might help?


I make my own toothpaste with coconut oil, baking soda, salt and essential oil and I have never had vapers tongue.
I always thought it was because I vaped tobacco but now I’m thinking it might be the toothpaste.


Grab a bottle of FW Menthol and put a drop on your tongue when you get vapers tongue.

Works a treat :wink:


I tried the Crest Pro Health. Needs a week steep minimum, and it gunks up the coil pretty badly.


Might be worth suffering through this taste if it indeed works. Thank you


Not a toothpaste, but I use this…


Never thought about the toothpaste factor, but Spicy Doritos and other hyper-flavored chips ruin my taste for a couple of hours. Classic Lays are no problem.


Ok @SessionDrummer & @TorturedZen going to give this combo a shot :thumbsup:


@MisterSinner BOOM !!!

I don’t use Biotene, so I can’t vouch for that, but what I CAN vouch for is that damned Dental Care. My current ADV is a super heavy cream/custard mix, and I was shocked by what I noticed when I had to switch to a different toothpaste. Almost panicked until my Amazon replacement shipment arrived.


Zen, I actually use both the Arm & Hammer (not Dental Clean, but Radiant), Biotene Mouth Wash, and I keep a Biotene Spray in my purse (like a moisture spray). I haven’t gotten any kind of taste fatigue in about a year and a half. I don’t know that I can attribute it to those things, but cool to see it working for others.


Is this for real, cuz I got a bad case of flavour fatigue: menthol on tongue?? (I’ll do it)

I just poured baking soda (a natural salt) on my tongue – not recommended :crazy_face: – and brushed in desperation! I got flavour. Let’s hope it last!


@KumariHPX I don’t know about straight baking soda, but the toothpaste sure worked.

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