Top ranked flavor question

I am curious to know that top ranked flavor by recipe # are really best flavor in the list?
For example, pineapple CAP is top ranked used by recipes means it is best in pineapple family from all brands ?


No, almost never this is true. Top rank means it is (or better was) most used in recipes and this can happen only for flavors that are on the market for a very long time; obviously newer (and usually better) flavors can’t have many recipes.

There are couple of other reasons: cheaper brands are used more since nearly everyone has them, older brands are much easier to get since every shop has them (very limited number of shops is offering newer brands). Lots of public recipes drives the use of these even further - more appealing for average mixers to buy these, rather than new ones because of that.

In the past (these are all older brands) there was very limited competition - you had 5 strawberries 5 years ago to choose from and 5 brands overall (not really, but you get the point), so every one of us was using those same flavors, while now we have 50 better strawberries to chose from, each for other purpose. These new strawberries will NEVER reach the numbers of recipes strawberries from the past have, since now they are so dispersed and since newer and even better SBs are popping up all the time (before these get a motion, another contender jumps in and replaces them and this will just continue on and on).

But before canceling them out completely, here’s one important benefit of older flavors. They were tested and used so much in different ways, that we ‘know’ them most, when, where and how they work best, so even if they aren’t ‘best’, they can be useful and do the job. The other obvious benefit is that there are most recipes available to chose from.


Thanks for detailed reply.

Top ranked concentrate are best option for beginners like me to start with. Because i cant order 2 or 3 flavors on weekly basis to my country,PK . I have to stick with most popular/rated recipes and add few new flavors to try for future in each order.


That sounds like a good plan! Happy mixing!