Topper drip tip sizes chart?

Does anyone know of a chart that lists interchangeable drip tips per atty?
I realize there are a crazy number of toppers, but other than the “most popular”, someone has had to at least started a list…right?
The 510’s are pretty obvious.
However some of the off size ones are really difficult to pin down, especially if you don’t want to use the 510 adapter and want to have a nice large tip (don’t we all).
For me, in particular, I’d like to know which “popular” tips might fit the Griffin 25, Cheetah RDA, and the Troll V2 in order to match with mod colors.
A chart or list would also come in handy when deciding which topper to try/buy that may already fit your current stash of tips.

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Could check: —partial solution. I like these because you can tilt them toward a RDA air hole if need be.

I doubt China conforms to even ISO machining standards (Industry may still be too young).


Griffin is basically Goon size on drip tips and if you look for TFV8 tips, goon tips, kennedy tips they should all fit, got no clue what matches cheetah and troll.

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Thanks for the replies.

@Brotherbob1 I have their site up now. I’m going to get some coffee, put on my eyes and do some window shopping.
@Fenrir1 I had no idea Goon size were compatible.

Thank you both very much,
I’m really digging this forum!


Couldn’t help but Notice Sanctuary Denied was talking to Brother Bob. I don’t know why I thought that was amusing, but I did :slight_smile:

Being a little naive, I had to look it up.
“Holy” cow, that is quite amusing!

if the drip tip adapter is made from deleon you can bore it out to fit goon tips/tfv8 / kennedy tips/limitless classic tip , i’ve done it to my troll v2 25mm , azeroth 510 drip tip adapter . just be sure to constantly check because you can only take away

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That’s a great idea!
Thank you

not a problem , i dont know if i’m the first to do it but it works as long as you don’t plan on using a regular 510 drip haha

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Come to think of it,
I’m surprised they don’t sell adapter inserts that accommodate the more popular, larger tips.
It would definitely be a huge selling point.
Hell, even just the 510 adapter that a customer could have several of and drill out would be great.

that’s a good idea ! alot of my favorite atomizers have less then favoritable drip tips , if i could buy something inexpensive to make them perfect i would , wide bore all the way because i like them big !! hahaha