Total cost of recipe on mixing side

Im sure most of you know all about this.
But i just stumbled across it after 6 months so leaving a link here for anyone else who hasnt found it.


Handy but all I need to know is my juice is tastier and cheaper.


My Windows based juice calculator factors cost also. First time I saw my bottom line compared to what a vape shop charges for commercial juice was a real eye-opener! Gave new meaning to the term ‘markup’.


Ejuice and drop in coils are like printing off money for vape shops.


I’ll second that. also made me wonder who is more greedy. Big tobacco or the local vape shop claiming they are cheaper than cigs and not as greedy a big tobacco . granted they are cheaper than cigs

(Capella) Dragonfruit

Nicotine Strength 6.00 mg
PG Level 50.00%
VG Level 50.00%
Flavor Level 10.00%
Amount to Make 30.000 ml
Cost to make $ 0.63
Local Vape shop $15.00 (would call it there value line so you think your getting a deal and half the flavoring to save money )
Ingredients Ing % Drops Weight Volume
PurNicSalt - 100mg Smooth Nicotine Salts 6.00% 36.0 1.863 g 1.800 ml
Nicotine River - PG 34.00% 204.0 10.588 g 10.200 ml
Nicotine River - VG 50.00% 300.0 18.900 g 15.000 ml
Capella - Dragon Fruit 10.00% 60.0 3.114 g 3.000 ml


Not saying there isn’t a fairly high markup on juice. But the actual cost of the ingredients is but a small component of overhead. Overheads should also be calculated into the price including staff, storage, facilities, utilities, distribution for the manufacturer then you have to add in the lick that the retailer takes plus their staff, storage, facilities, utilities which all have high costs.


Of course. That’s a given. Commercial juice is more in-line price-wise nowadays than it was a few years ago. Remember paying $27.00 for 30ml of Five Pawns?


It is a hard one. When I see vape shops, I wonder how they make any money. On the other hand, online shops selling juice at multiple dollar/pounds/euro for 10ml are taking the piss a bit.