TPA cheesecake graham crust

I see that lots of people love cheese cake graham crust so I got myself some. Only problem is that I’m tasting the gc a lot more than the cc… Is this common for others? What other flavors are good to help bring out that cream cheese flavor?
For reference, this is the recipe I mixed. Made it on the 8th so it’s been steeping for two weeks now. The lime had mellowed perfectly, the coconut is great, but I’m just not getting cheesecake.

Any insight you wanna throw at me would be great!

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Add lime and coconut to that :wink:


I actually just saw that on the calculator site and it reminded me that I wanted to ask the above question!
I might need to place another flavor order…
Is CAP NYCC a crustless flavor?

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I havent had much success with cheesecake Graham Crust as a dominant flavor, its a great undertone but the NY Cheesecake is ACE!

Ill grab the bottle and do a drop taste test again…

EDIT: Seems to taste exactly like cheesecake with the pastry…

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The recipe i have above i concocted by test tasting flavors.

The NYCC, graham cracker clear and cake batter all work to make the cheesecake a stronger taste while the marshmallow and cream fresh give you a mouthfeel, sweetness and creamy texture.


TFA/TPA Cheesecake graham crust is great, but you’re right, it is more on the Graham cracker/crust side. It does need complimentary creams. Cap’s New York cheesecake is an obvious one, they work very well together. Cap’s is all cream cheese, without the graham base. Other good creamy ones to pair with CGC would be Bavarian cream, Vienna cream, cream fresh, Vanilla bean ice cream


Add in some Cheesecake (LA). I use it quite often, it is a fantastic no graham cheesecake flavoring.


add some ny cheesecake from cap


Try this one out @VapeyMama, it’s my personal blend…
Ages well and just the right amount of sweetness and cheesecakeyness.
If you want a more lime kick in it, increase Lime Tahity (Distilled) (FA) to 2%

Optimus Lime

Ingredient %
Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TPA) 3
Custard (FA) 2
Graham Cracker (FW) 0.25
Lime Tahity (Cold Pressed) (FA) 0.5
Lime Tahity (Distilled) (FA) 1.5
Liquid Stevia (Pyure) 0.5
Marshmallow (FA) 2
Meringue (FA) 1.5
New York Cheesecake (CAP) 4
Sour (TPA) 0.5

Flavor total: 15.75%

Remember to rate it at!

Add that to your recipe and you’ll be balls-on! I usually buy that in the big 4 oz bottle cuz it’s sooo good. The CCgraham is good to use for the crust flavoring but not as strong as the plain graham cracker.


Well apparently the mix as is smells damn good, I had several people last night ask about the flavor I was vaping.


The graham in this flavor always leaves a wet paper towel/cardboard flavor in my mouth. I gave up on it and use CAP ny cheesecake 2/3 to TPA graham cracker crust 1/3 No nasty taste in my mouth and great cheesecake flavor.