TPA Creams

Can anyone give me a quick breakdown of the differences between the following and what they’re best suited for

TPA Bavarian Cream
TPA Sweet Cream
TPA Whipped Cream
TPA Vanilla Swirl


Read the notes on them here


A little self help for your next flavor query…


If you are wondering which ones to buy, get all of them because they are all useful. TPA Vanilla Bean Gelato is also a very good, but underrated cream.


I beg to differ. I think the FA creams are much, much better. Maybe the Bavarian and Swirl, but the other 2 really are subpar.


@j20nyh As mentioned above, checking the flavor notes ^^^^ is the BEST way to go. I use two of them all the time, and they work great for what I need. I can’t use CAP Vanilla Custard because I’m one of the rare-ities that detect a plasticky taste from it no matter how hard I tried to ignore it. Once I gave up on CAP’s, started using TPA VC, BC, and SC with great results. The bavarian is fairly strong with almost a burnt sugar note. The sweet cream is not really sweet, but has a pretty strong smell/taste which I don’t care for, until it’s mixed/steeped. Haven’t really used the whipped cream much, and sometimes DO use the Vanilla Swirl. I use TPA Vanilla Custard weekly, but it has dik’s and all the bad stuff for you, but it sure tastes good. According to TPA the vanilla swirl is their vanilla custard, without the custard dik’s. To me, it’s lighter, not as rich version of their VC.