TPA dragonfruit replacement?

Hi guys, I haven’t worked with dragonfruit much, I have inawera, tpa, and flavorah. One of my top selling recipes has TPA dragonfruit in it at 3% and I have run out and so has my supplier. I have no experience with ina or flv, would they work as a replacement?

I’ve got a larger than normal order for my recipe and I cant get my hands on any TPA. I’m kind of in a pinch here. thoughts?


No problem…and the best people in the world, too !

I’m wonder at what Percentage do you use TFAs at ? INWs is going to be closer to TFA than FLV. I know you’re going to probably still taste a difference and you’ll most likely use way less.

I’d have to pay international shipping for the bottle and would take over a week unless I rushed it. Prices are pretty nice compared to my local guys though!

I was wondering if anybody had tried these as a replacement, I’ll definitely try to order from them for some of my bulk orders though.

yeah a huge amount of savings, i’m paying $12 for a 30ml bottle here. its about half that from NR. wow I’m getting ripped off.

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Ya, didn’t know you were outside the US.

@Amy2 He is 3% on the Dragonfruit (TPA)

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Oh yeah he did say that lol. So I’d certainly try INW going in at around 1% it’s pretty strong.

thanks! I’ll give it a shot.

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Crikey, you think? $4.50 USD for 60ml… and his 60ml comes in ‘bullet’ bottles, and he gives you a free NICE twist cap with each. But he also has 150ml, 250ml, 500ml…for even greater savings.

For me it depends on what kind of recipe I am using. Fruity recipes I use INA Dragonfruit, bakery and dessert I use TFA Dragonfruit as well as FLV Dragonfruit. But that is my preference.

CAP has a very delicious DF


I agree with you, I like capella’s as well ! I just noticed he had said the INW or the FLV DF but I totally was thinking Caps !


Nicotine River has it, they’re pretty quick to ship, you if worth it to you could even get it overnighted.

Also wanna add:
You can get 16oz of TPA DF from TPA’s website for $16.
Also, if you are a big fan of DF, you could always create your own personal DF base containing a percentage of each of the DFs you like the most. I created my own using TPA, CAP, FLV and SuperConcentrate. It is, of course, in my opinion, the best tasting DF that has graced the DIY scene