TPA DX line and sewage

Couple of months ego I got Bavarian Cream DX and Caramel DX from TPA and did a mix useing the DX first time. For couple of days when I was testing my unsteeped mix I got light hint of sewage now and than but thought it must be somethig else (maybe me farting). That smell dissepeared after a week or so of steeping.
But yesterday I did another mix using the DX and here I go again, getting hints of sewage even in the room where I mixed it in and I swear I didn’t fart in there.
I know TPA is using substitute for Diacetyl, some people say it can smell bad.
Anyone experienced it?

Butyric acid or something to that effect.

Can have a Sewage or Vomit kind of smell to it.



Oh great more vomit. Lol I have a few of DX line on their way to me. Ugh thanks 4 the heads up !


oh pooh. I’ve got dx Caramel on the way to me.

I do have the DX Hazelnut. It doesn’t have that issue (IMO), but is strong on the Acetyl Pyrazine aroma.

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My wife says it smells like dirty feet … Goes away after aging a few days.

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Yeah Shaner, sounds like it. I thought I was imagining things. But even today I still get a hint of it now and than when I exhale. It’s weird, maybe that putrid smell is just stuck in my nose.