TPA DX line

Recently I got the TPA DX Bavarian Flavor and DX caramel (Diacetyl free). I find them nicer than the original ones, mainly originals felt sometimes rather heavy on my chest to the point making me almost cough a little at times.
I get none of that with the DX, there are also much lighter in color (maybe very fresh batch), smoother and sweeter to my taste.
What are your experiences?


I’ve gotten a few dx and like them all the banana cream is great and the the custard for some reason it seams like u said lighter on the chest for me to and almost seams to go a little further with flavor…
I’m now gonna do something bananas!!! U got me craving it lol !

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I was a bit disappointed in the TPA DX Cinnamon Danish. I had to revert back to the original; the DX just didn’t have that bakery cinnamon yumminess that I craved. The same thing happened with the vanilla custard/swirl scenario. Custard back in rotation and Swirl out of rotation. The DX line is not for me.

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Ive not tried the DX line. Of the alternate flavorings ive tried none of them were good. V2 Vanilla Custard (CAP) smells like vomit and tastes like sadness and despair. After trying that, and one other, i have steered clear of the diacetyl free alternate flavorings out of fear of replicating my initial experiences.

Some of the flavorings use butyric acid as a substitute, it has issues of its own.

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In an effort to be more precise exactly NONE of these flavorings mentioned contains diacetyl. And typically the flavorings available from all the flavor houses for eliquids are diacetyl-free. What the ‘bad’ flavorings contain now are Acetoin and Acetyl Propionate (more precisely 2,3 pentanedione or acetylpriopionyl). Sometimes these are referred to as ‘diketones’ in the vape world but this is not precise either. AP is a diketone but acetoin is not. The concern is that these compound make become metabolized into diacetyl in vivo and but not an intrinsic concern with the compounds themselves.

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They have the potential and I take that very far lol. Usually I try to only add one diketone- like flavor per recipe and at a lower %. I’m going to move in the direction of the DX line and phase out the " old " line.

I will say the vanilla bean gelato is Not a good substitute for vanilla bean ice cream. It’s nothing like it.